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Nurse on the Run

Fit Blogger We Love: Nurse on the Run

Written on September 15, 2011 at 4:50 pm , by

Susan knows how awesome race fans can be.

Over at Nurse on the Run, Susan details her healthy lifestyle as a nurse working for a burn unit in the city that never sleeps. Quite fitting, since she runs during the day, then heads to work for the night shift! Check out this runner’s top five life loves and other fun facts, then head over to her blog to try to keep up with all of the action yourself!

I’m happiest when I’m: Running with friends (shout out to the Sweat Squad!), playing catch with my dad and wandering the streets of New York City in search of the perfect cupcake.

My fitness mantra: “Run the mile you’re in.” I tell myself this during hard tempo runs to help me hit a pace or when long runs seem to go on forever. I can always run just one mile!

My “I Did It” moment: Last summer I headed to surf camp in Malpais, Costa Rica. It was a rough go at first, as the waves beat me up, but the first time I popped up on a surfboard will forever be one of the memories I keep in my back pocket. Nothing beats the feeling of gliding across the water, especially for that very first time!

5 things I can’t live without:

  1. Coffee—I work the night shift!
  2. Gatsby, my stuffed elephant/best friend.
  3. Short shorts.
  4. Football season.
  5. Ice cream, which I love in a bowl!

On my fit life list: The Berlin Marathon, followed by Oktoberfest. A sub-3 hour marathon. A back flip.

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