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new york knicks

Snack Like a Pro: Tips from the NY Knicks’ Nutritionist

Written on November 14, 2012 at 4:42 pm , by

Make your own trail mix to always have a healthy snack ready. (Photo by Peter Ardito)

Written by Lisa Turner, Editorial Intern

When the New York Knicks need to refuel for a big game, they turn to Heidi Skolnik, M.S., C.D.N., FACSM, and founder and president of Nutrition Conditioning, which oversees the nutrition programs at The Juilliard School, The New York Knicks, School of American Ballet, and Fordham University Athletics. We got Skolnik’s pointers on how to make good-for-you snacks that won’t damage your waistline.

What can I stock in my fridge that I can grab n’ go?

Planning ahead is always the best way to ensure you’re prepared with a healthy snack and don’t face the vending machine dilemma. There’s a lot of easy and simple options to choose from:


  • Whole wheat Pita stuffed with peanut butter and banana with a small glass of milk
  • Hard boiled egg, small OJ, whole grain crackers
  • Fruit parfait: fresh or frozen fruit, yogurt, a sprinkle of Grape nuts or muesli and nuts
  • Homemade trail mix with nuts and dried fruits and a cheese stick

Grab ‘n Go Snacks:

What’s a calorie limit I should shoot for with a snack?

Ultimately, it depends on your meal size and daily caloric needs.   If you need 1800 calories in a day and meals are 400-500 calories that leaves two snacks at 150-300 calories.

Snack ideas:

  • Banana and almond butter
  • Mango smoothie made with calcium fortified OJ and lactose free whey protein powder
  • Quinoa, vegetable and edamame cold salad
  • Popcorn –sprinkle with olive oil and herbs of choice
  • Hummus with crudités or spread on a corn or rice cake Read more