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kristi yamaguchi

Ice Skating Legend Kristi Yamaguchi Dishes on the Winter Olympics & Dancing with the Stars

Written on March 15, 2013 at 9:31 am , by


Yamaguchi (center) says Opening Ceremonies is one of the best parts! So many stars, so little time!

Anyone who knows anything about ice skating knows about Kristi Yamaguchi and her gold-medal victory at the 1992 Olympics. Since then, the figure skater has been actively involved in the sport, created a foundation that supports children’s education and inspiration, and won the sixth season of Dancing with the Stars. Yep, it’s safe to call her a rock star.

These days, Yamaguchi’s joined Team Kellogg’s, where she’ll be mentoring athletes hoping to make the journey to Sochi in 2014. While some may think it’s a bit early to be chatting about the Winter Games, we think the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Catch up on what else Yamaguchi is up to, then get a head start on meeting the athletes she’s hoping to coach all the way to the Olympic podium. While all your friends are in the dark, you’ll be the fountain of knowledge they turn to. Look at you, smarty pants.

Tell me a bit about Team Kellogg’s. Whose faces can we expect to see?

I’m the co-captain of the team, along with Jim Craig, the goalie from the 1980 Miracle team. The other athletes are all Olympic hopefuls, who will probably be competing and representing Team USA in the Sochi Games next winter.

So exciting!

It really is. Team Kellogg’s is all about following these athletes as they start their journey for getting ready for Sochi. I mean, of course they’ve been getting ready for years, but now fans can follow along. Kellogg’s Facebook page will have video clips of their stories, training tips and nutrition advice straight from the pros.

That will definitely be fun. Any other fun features?

You can find out how these athletes got their start – who was the coach who first got them going, which people gave them inspiration and, of course, what breakfast does to fuel their start.

So are you and Jim mentors, then, as accomplished athletes yourself?

Yeah, in a sense. Jim and I have been there, we’ve experienced the Olympics and know what they’re going through. We hope to encourage them to keep dreaming big, and we want to be there to give whatever advice we can to help prepare them for what lies ahead.

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December DVD Review: Kristi Yamaguchi’s Power Workout

Written on December 5, 2011 at 12:28 pm , by

Train like an Olympian. (Photo courtesy of Amazon.com)

December’s Top Workout DVD: Kristi Yamaguchi’s Power Workout

Best for: Those with short attention spans—who are ready to sweat!

Why it’s a star: Olympian and former Dancing With the Stars champion Yamaguchi leads you through a plyometrics-heavy cardio and total body-focused strength routine that packs a lot of action into 53 minutes. You’ll start off with a warm-up reminiscent of the ’80s workout tapes on VHS, but don’t be fooled. Yamaguchi and her trainer, Erin O’Brien quickly pick up the pace by alternating cardio segments full of jumping lunges, high knees and rotating jumping squats with muscle-building moves like overhead triceps extensions with plie squats. Time flies, as each circuit is less than 10 minutes and offers a solid workout for both your heart and muscles!

Where to get it: $12.99, amazon.com

More from FITNESS: Need a soundtrack? Try Kristi Yamaguchi’s workout playlist.

Kristi Yamaguchi Is Unstoppable: The Olympic Gold Medalist’s Next Project

Written on August 26, 2011 at 1:28 pm , by

Olympic gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi (photo by Ericka McConnell)

Olympic gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi (Photo by Ericka McConnell)

To say Olympic gold medalist, wife, mom, author, philanthropist, and Dancing with the Stars champion Kristi Yamaguchi has stayed busy even after her days of competing on the ice would be a big understatement. Since starting the Always Dream Foundation in 1996, the Olympic skater has remained active in helping kids think positive and aim high. We chatted with Kristi to learn more about her inspirational adventures and how she stays fit with a hectic schedule.

Your Always Dream Foundation has a simple but profound and important message. What made you decide to start it?
I worked with the Make a Wish Foundation and it opened my eyes to a different world. I was inspired to work with children and families in need—to help them feel more hopeful and embrace their dreams.

Your book, Dream Big, Little Pig has a similar message. Why did you decide to write a children’s book?
I’ve always wanted to write a children’s book! I also wanted to do something my daughters (Keara and Emma) could enjoy. They were 4 and 6 when I wrote it, so it was the perfect time for me to read it with them.

How does you work with the Smucker’s Uncrustables Unstoppable Family Photo Contest support these causes?
It’s all about families showing us just how unstoppable they really are—they’re busy juggling work, school and extracurricular activities, and having fun doing it all. Families can submit photos with a caption at uncrustables.com and they’ll be entered to win a trip to Yosemite National Park.

Speaking of active families, your daughters—not surprisingly—are both into skating. Did that come naturally to them?
I guess it was inevitable! They would see me and my husband (former NHL player Bret Hedican) on the ice and eventually they wanted to go, too. I like seeing them be comfortable skating. It’s not even about having them compete, as long as they’re having fun and enjoying it.

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