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Kelsey’s Essentials

Kelsey Nixon’s Healthy Cooking Essentials

Written on October 17, 2011 at 2:19 pm , by

Kelsey's positive attitude makes home cooking seem fun and her tips make it simple! (Photo courtesy of Kelsey Nixon)

We love Cooking Channel’s Kelsey Nixon for her fun, you-can-do-this approach to cooking with fresh ingredients. We caught up with the The Next Food Network Star finalist to chat about her show (Kelsey’s Essentials is now in it’s second season, airing Saturdays at 2:30 p.m. EST!), the kitchen equipment she can’t live without and to find out how she stays healthy and fit.

Tell us about Kelsey’s Essentials.

Every episode focuses on an essential tool, tip or technique that I think every home cook should know, taking them one step beyond the basics in a fun way. The shows are also seasonal—I believe that if you cook with ingredients that are in season, it’s going to taste better and be more affordable.

What are your essential tools for healthy cooking?

High-quality sheet trays for roasting—they make it easy to caramelize vegetables, which brings out their natural sugars. I’d also suggest tongs, a cast iron skillet for making an omelet or searing fish, a sturdy pan and a good sharp knife. A non-stick skillet is also a great tool because the chance of sticking is low and it doesn’t require as much fat to brown chicken or fish, so you can use less oil or fat.

How can a kitchen newbie get started cooking more healthfully?

Take a trip to the farmers’ market once a week, and challenge yourself to buy one vegetable or fruit that’s in season. Use that ingredient to drive dinner ideas for the week.

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