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how to lose the baby weight

Shake It and Shape Up Like Pink and Brooke Burke

Written on January 25, 2012 at 11:32 am , by

You picture celebrities shaping up post-baby or before a big role in a fancy personal gym, right? But certain down-to-earth stars (including our January cover girl Brooke Burke) sweat with the masses at popular group fitness classes. One favorite: JAM, or Juicy Athletic Moves, created by choreographer, group fitness instructor and physiologist Neda Soderqvist. JAM combines dance, strength and plyometrics, and is taken by an eclectic mix of individuals, including athletes, stay-at-home moms, Oscar-worthy actresses (Mira Sorvino and Minnie Driver) and music chart-toppers (Pink, who came to class seven months pregnant!).

“The message of the class is to be happy, not just skinny,” Soderqvist says. “You feel like you’re in a music video, and it’s a great workout! Brooke [Burke] came up to me after class and said ‘I won Dancing With the Stars and trained eight hours a day, but after this class, I have to go home and sleep!’”

In town to choreograph a Jamba Juice event—dancing bananas were involved—Sodeqvist took us through a few of the moves her celebrity clients love.











Hip Twist

  • Begin with weight on left foot and arms at sides. Shift weight to right foot, popping right hip out, while lifting left hand to head and placing right hand on right hip (1A).
  • Keeping a quick pace, shift weight back to left foot, popping left hip out and lifting left arm in front of body and right arm behind.
  • Repeat hip shifting and arm motions for 30 seconds, switch sides and repeat.

Standing Chest Press

  • With knees slightly bent and hips tilted back, lift arms to chest height with elbows pointing away from your body (2).
  • Push hips forward while punching both arms in front of your chest, keeping core engaged throughout the move.

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What are some of the biggest body woes women have after having a baby that you’ve seen with your clients?

The biggest woe is that women lose their shape. Having a baby changes your body (along with everything else!). Your hips and your stomach, the way you walk, even your feelings about sexuality. By trying S Factor, you can reconnect with your body inside and out.

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