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Gretchen Bleiler

Snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler’s Top 5 Healthy Living Tricks

Written on April 10, 2012 at 2:07 pm , by

Written by Brittany Vickers, editorial intern

Bleiler co-founded the company that makes the fun ALEX bottle she's toting! (Photo courtesy of Lauren Ross)

We may not all be Olympic level athletes, but some days, it can feel like we have a schedule worthy of one. The only difference is, for us, hitting the gym doesn’t pay the rent. So how can we stay on top of our game? We asked Olympic snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler how she conquers the mountains (both literal and figurative) she faces everyday.

Recently, Bleiler partnered with Listerine, Reach and the American Heart Association’s My Heart. My Life initiative, aimed at keeping American’s healthy, so she filled us in about that as well.

I’m sure you’re busy! How do you fit in time to keep yourself healthy?

If you take care of your health you’ll have the energy for everything and everyone else too! It’s like the emergency announcement when you fly; they stress to put the oxygen mask on yourself, before helping others. The same thing is true in life!

How do you fit in activity during your most jam-packed days?

I think the secret to staying healthy is in the daily habits that you build into your everyday life that help create balance, energy and the foundation to create the life you want. My five favorite tips for keeping up with an active and healthy lifestyle are: eating a healthy balanced diet, exercising, drinking water, following through with a proper oral care routine and always wearing sunscreen!

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