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Explore the National Parks for Free on Saturday!

Written on June 6, 2012 at 12:10 pm , by

Take a break to soak up the amazing views! (Photo courtesy of Grand Canyon NPS)

Here’s advice you don’t often hear from us at FITNESS: skip the gym. That’s right, we’re giving you permission to erase your name from the treadmill list or take a day off from your exercise class because this Saturday is National Get Outdoors Day!

As part of Let’s Move Outside, included in First Lady Michelle Obama’s health intiative, Saturday, June 9 has been designated as a day to promote healthy activities in the great outdoors. One of our favorite nature-filled ways to stay fit? Hiking! Not only will the average 140-pound woman burn 384 calories on the trails, but she’ll also tone her lower body and will be able to take in some breathtaking views and fresh air.

For Get Outdoors Day, you can try hiking out yourself and explore your national parks for free this Saturday (learn more about fee-free day here). Before you go, download the Happy Trails guide—which is also free—to find 25 can’t-miss hikes across the country. Maybe you can check one off your list this weekend!

If you enjoy yourself and want to support these beautiful parks, click here to find out how to do so. And for more about hiking, don’t miss our July/August issue, which hits newsstands on June 26!

Now tell us: What are your favorite ways to exercise outside?

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Get Your Free Bike Tune-Up This Week!

Written on May 10, 2012 at 11:43 am , by

You're ready to hit the paths. Is your bike? (Photo by Michael Kraus)

Many of us take to indoor cycling bikes for the long months between October and April, seeing a reprieve from the harsh, biting winds and slick, icy conditions that accompany cold weather workouts. But as we peek out our window today, we can see the sun shining down—plus the weekend forecast looks ideal for a ride (and why not bring mom along?)! But don’t just pull that bike out from the back of the garage or storage space and expect it to run on all cylinders.

Just like your car needs periodic oil changes, your bike needs safety inspections. And through Sunday, May 13, you can get one FREE at Performance Bicycle locations nationwide! Gears, brakes, tires and wheels will all get a once-over by one of the store specialists so you’ll be ready to ride safely during Bike to Work Week (May 14-18). The best news? Anyone—regardless of where you purchased your wheels—can take advantage of the Performance Bicycle safety inspections, and they usually last less than five minutes. That leaves more time to ride!

Now that your bike is geared up, check out these links to help you get in good shape to cycle, too:

An Organic Product for Seasonal Allergy Sufferers

Written on March 6, 2012 at 12:34 pm , by

allergease allergy support natural remedy allergies

Deal alert! Score free samples at aedrops.com. (Photo courtesy of AllergEase)

Sneezing, itchy eyes, a stuffy nose…nothing puts a damper on our excitement to get outside quite like seasonal allergies.

 So, first the bad news: 2011 was reportedly “the worst” allergy season ever—if you go by pollen counts—and 2012 is going to terrorize allergy sufferers once again. Because of the warmer winter, some trees started budding super-early (before Groundhog’s Day!). Great.

 Now, the good news: You don’t have to spend the next few months in an OTC-drug haze, or wondering what to do if you only have mild allergies. There are several all-natural strategies for fighting allergies, like eating the right foods, acupuncture (which helps balance the immune system), and even oils like #15 – Decongest from 21 Drops. Most recently, the first-ever organic lozenges landed on our desk: AllergEase. They’re like cough drops—but for allergy sufferers.

“Many women today want to avoid medications and the associated side effects that can slow them down,” says Omar Javery, MD, who created the formula with his wife in mind.  “Even mild allergies can be miserable when you’re on the go and trying to stay active. The last thing you need is to be groggy and in a daze.”

Amen, doctorman. With a formula featuring five herbs that either battle or suppress the allergic response—plus a dose of Vitamin C—AllergEase can be a complement to your favorite allergy medicines, or be consumed on its own. The high Vitamin C content and the high flavonoid levels provide anti-oxidants, which are essential in minimizing oxidative stress that can be damaging to the body, explains Dr. Javery.

Bonus: They’re actually really tasty—and you can taste-test them yourselves by requesting a free sample at aedrops.com.

 For more strategies to manage your seasonal allergies:

Freebie Alert: Jamba Juice Holiday Treats

Written on November 28, 2011 at 11:50 am , by

One staff member thought this tastes like apple pie in a glass! (Photo courtesy of Jamba Juice)

Sharing presents is one of the best parts of the holidays, but our bank accounts don’t always agree! (Especially today after that Black Friday shopping and the Cyber Monday spending sure to come this evening.)

That’s why we were pumped to hear about a delicious deal going on now at Jamba Juice. Now through January 3, the shop is offering a coupon for one free smoothie when you purchase $25 of gift cards. One of our current favorites: the Apple Cinnamon Cheer smoothie, which packs 20 percent of your daily value of vitamin C. It’s made with juice, soymilk, frozen yogurt, fruit and cinnamon, and is reminiscent of a tasty holiday dessert!

And grab that smoothie to go: as reported in our November/December issue, walking at a pace of 3 miles per hour for 15 minutes per day—like while shopping—can extend your life up to three years more than those who are sedentary! Bonus: Walking to and from the store can save transportation money as well.

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Now tell us: What’s your favorite way to save during the gift-giving season?

Gym Bargain Alert: David Barton’s Block Party

Written on August 24, 2011 at 10:17 am , by

Talk about a refreshing cocktail! Skip the alcohol for a perfect post-workout drink. (Photo courtesy of DavidBartonGym)

Kids are heading back to school and the temperatures are beginning to dip a bit, so many of us are also returning to the gym that we abandoned to exercise outdoors during the summer. We discovered a neat program through DavidBartonGym (DBG), happening every Thursday in August, that may inspire you to hop back on the indoor workout wagon.

DBG’s Block Party events at any of their gym locations in New York, Miami, Seattle and Chicago are open to members and non-members, and include gratis specialty cocktails as well as accessories from Superdry, hair care products from black15and1 and other awesome freebies. But the best part? If you purchase training sessions at the Block Party, that becomes your enrollment fee for the month of September—meaning you pay nothing for next month to train at DBG beyond those sessions! Talk about an incentive.

The last Block Parties takes place tomorrow from 6-8 p.m., but if you can’t make it, you can still have a little party at your own home with this cocktail that bartenders will be whipping up at DBG.

Svedka Citron’s Naked_Bot

  • 1.5 ounces Svedka Citron
  • 2 cucumber slices
  • 1 sprig mint
  • coconut water

Place cucumber slices in bottom of the glass (do not muddle). Fill with ice. Add Svedka and fill with coconut water. Garnish with mint.

Now tell us: If you belong to a gym, do you do so year-round or just during the colder weather months?

Awesome New Workout Music: Q&A with DJ Girl Talk

Written on January 17, 2011 at 10:52 am , by

New Girl Talk Album, All Day

Girl Talk's new album cover for All Day (Photo Courtesy of Pitch Perfect)

While the words “girl talk” may bring back haunting memories of  junior high gossip, the Girl Talk on our radar these days is a 29-year-old musician named Gregg Gillis. He is the man behind Girl Talk’s the musical mashups–tunes that sample some of our favorite rock, hip-hop and pop songs and flow them all together in a fun, seamless way.

Girl Talk’s fifth album, All Day, was released on November 15 and can be downloaded (FREE!) on his label’s website here. Where else can you hear 372 song snippets over the course of 71 minutes from the likes of Jay-Z, Nine Inch Nails, Justin Timberlake, John Lennon and Lady Gaga?

To learn more about his eclectic taste and creative style, we spoke with Gillis about how he entered the music industry and how he stays fit for his energy-filled stage shows. Read more