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fitness gear

I Tried It: Unconventional Fitness Tools

Written on April 26, 2011 at 11:04 am , by

Photo courtesy of StreetStrider

Written by Nicole Brennan, editorial intern

Here at FITNESS, we are constantly looking for ways to switch up our routines.  Whether it’s by sweating it out at a fun new gym class, exploring a different running trail or testing out some of the industry’s latest equipment, we are willing to try it all (at least once!). Three recent finds:

  • StreetStrider. This new outdoor cardio tool combines the benefits of multiple exercises into one. It is most closely compared to an “elliptical with wheels,” and is the perfect activity when the weather is nice!
  • The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline. Want to spring into shape? This trampoline is designed with more resistance than your regular recreational tramp, making it more challenging to bounce.
  • The Body Blade. This oscillating blade is used to increase engagement of the muscles, focusing on the shoulders. It forces your muscles to contract “270 times per minute,” and can be used for physical therapy purposes

Now tell us: Have you tried any new fitness gear lately? What did you think of it?

What Fit Gear Would You Put in an Emergency Survival Kit?

Written on March 16, 2011 at 9:58 am , by

My emergency survival gear...there's a lot more in the backpacks!

Do you have an emergency supplies kit?

Every time a disaster strikes, I get into emergency preparedness mode. I went on a kick and bought a bunch of supplies online a year ago. (The constant delivery of which prompted my UPS man to ask, “Are you some kind of crazy survivalist?”) I filled survival backpacks for my husband and I and stashed them, along with some other essentials like a lantern and water jugs, in the corner of our closet.

After the recent Japan earthquake/tsunami I pulled out our gear and took stock. Good thing, too, because three out of the five gallon-jugs of water are mysteriously empty even though they’re still sealed—I presume due to evaporation. Only three PowerBars survived my husband’s pilfering for workout snacks…and they’re expired. Luckily, one of our backpacks contains 12 water drink boxes with a 5-year shelf life and two big questionable-looking blocks labeled “Emergency Ration.” (Hmm, maybe I am a crazy survivalist.)

Regardless, I’m now taking FEMA’s advice to change food and water supplies every six months very seriously. I’m also using this handy checklist from ready.gov to see what else I’m missing. I like that “books, puzzles or other activities” is on it (we have playing cards). It also made me think of exercise gear, so I’m adding a pair of old running sneakers to my pile—less for exercise than, you know, any run-for-my-life scenarios that might pop up.

Any ideas for other exercise or sports gear that would be a good add to an emergency kit?