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erin andrews

Music Monday: Dancing with the Stars Erin Andrews’ All-Day-Energy Tricks + Finale Predictions

Written on April 21, 2014 at 12:29 pm , by

With a busy work schedule, the start of marathon training and, you know, having a social life, I thought I was a busy girl. That was until I chatted with Erin Andrews, an NFL sportscaster and co-host of Dancing with the Stars. She starts her week at 8am and goes nonstop until 7:30pm shooting DWTS. Add in nonstop travel for NFL interviews, covering the game and flying back on Sunday to land in the DWTS studio all over again, and I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Such a crazed schedule calls for tons (and I mean tons) of good-for-you energy. I’m not talking about eating whatever food your fingers land on, but rather reaching for smart choices that won’t send you on a sugar high, only to crash and burn an hour later. “The biggest thing for me is staying in shape and trying to make sure I get enough rest,” says Andrews. “Michael Strahan told me to start sleeping now because it’s our off-season, and he has an even crazier schedule than I do.” We hear you on that one, Erin—now that he’s co-hosting Live with Kelly and Michael AND Good Morning America, we can only imagine the pillow face plant he does at the end of each week.

Back to those energizing eats. “Making sure to keep nutrient-rich foods—like trail mix, yogurt and granola bars—and beverages on hand is key, which is why me teaming up with Florida Orange Juice was a no-brainer,” says Andrews. “When you talk about healthy beverages, 100 percent orange juice is huge because I can grab it on the go. I can get it anywhere, at whatever hotel I’m in. It has a ton of vitamin C and gives me natural energy without added sugars, so I don’t need to worry about staying in shape.” We couldn’t have said it better.

But OJ can’t be the only thing the snappy co-host sips on—or eats—throughout the day. How in the world do you stay slim when you’re always wining and dining? Especially when you’re entertaining big football guys who LOVE to eat? “They like to order a lot of food and they like to eat a lot of food. I do too,” she explains. “So to rationalize what I’m going to have for dinner and lunch, I get my butt in the workout room.”

Girl, I get it. Exercise is awesome, and I would definitely be doing the same to burn off the calories from heavy dinners. But when I’m constantly on the go and have a crazy work schedule, it’s really tough to squeeze in sweat time when all I want to do is sleep. So, I asked her to spill her secrets. Where does the motivation come from? “When I first started out in the industry, I was working for a hockey team and the head coach told me ‘when you get into the hotel, don’t lay around first. Go straight to the gym because if you lay around you’re not going to get up for the rest of the day.’ So that’s what I try to do.” Noted.  

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Work Out with Erin Andrews Without Leaving Your Living Room

Written on December 10, 2013 at 9:34 am , by

Erin Andrews has been a longtime fan of Physique57, and now you can get in on the trimming and slimming secret too! (Photo courtesy Physique57)

Is it just us, or has December shown up out of nowhere? It’s like the human equivalent of the gym buddy you totally forgot about, who suddenly pops up on the treadmill next to you.  And now there’s a ton to do, aside from keeping your usual to-do list from driving you headfirst into a tin of your neighbors chocolate chip cookies (but they’re so good!). Thankfully, Physique57 is helping you battle your cookie curves and holiday stress with its latest at-home workout, featuring FOX Sports anchor Erin Andrews.

It’s no secret that tons of celebrities use Physique57 to get lean and toned, but thanks to the brand’s pay-per-workout or total online streaming subscription, you can see what the barre is all about, even if you don’t have a studio near you. Get started here to sculpt and strengthen with Andrews for just $10. That’s it! We bet the tin your neighbor delivered those cookies in cost more than that.

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