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Dancing With the Stars

Brooke Burke Dishes On Her Top Summer Treats

Written on June 12, 2012 at 2:25 pm , by

Written by Lisa Turner, editorial intern

Burke serves up tasty treats to help one of her favorite charities, Operation Smile. (Photo courtesy of Chris Weeks/AP)

Brooke Burke is a busy woman. Not only is she a business owner, entrepreneur and a mother of four, she is a co-host on the popular TV show Dancing With the Stars. Somehow she finds time to devote to a charity close to her heart,  Operation Smile, and teamed up with Dreyer’s/Edy’s at an event in Los Angeles to give out 25,000 scoops of their slow-churned light ice cream. Luckily, she was able to dish about her involvement in the charity and her latest way to get in summer shape.

Since 2010, Burke has worked closely with the charity, hosting galas and fundraising events that have helped countless children receive life-saving surgeries.

“I’m very lucky to have healthy children,” Burke says. “When I began to learn about the program and really understand the statistics, I learned that a surgery that costs only $240 could change a child’s life. It’s something that we take for granted.”

When she’s not giving back, the TV host stays busy on the business side of life. She recently launched a line of intimates, IntiMINT, and released two new fitness DVDs (with two more on the way this summer). How does she fuel all that fitness? With healthy fare fit for the whole family, of course!

“We like to eat clean and raw, so some of my favorite summer treats are fresh fruit and veggies, and homemade frozen pops,” Burke explains. “We keep a summer supply for the kids—it’s a big hit in my household. Things like frozen berries and grapes. They’re so delicious. You just take them off the vine and pop them in the freezer.”

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ESPN Host Mike Greenberg Lost a Bet…And Takes on Dancing With the Stars

Written on May 8, 2012 at 1:18 pm , by

"Greeny" smiles with partner Anna Trebunskaya at the end of his dance. (Photo courtesy of ESPN, Inc.)

Sure, March Madness pools are nothing new. But the stakes on the line when ESPN’s Mike & Mike get involved crank up the excitement considerably!

This year, Mike Greenberg (AKA Greeny), lost the wager to his co-host Mike Golic and had to perform a cha-cha with Dancing With the Stars pro Anna Trebunskaya live on ESPN2…with one day of practice. We spoke with Greeny, who also recently had a guest hosting gig on Live With Kelly, right before he began training for this morning’s big show to see if we should place our bets on him.

Which is more intimidating: Hosting with Kelly Ripa or dancing on live TV?

It’s about a dead heat, although I wouldn’t say that hosting Live With Kelly was intimidating—it was exciting. Doing this dance is very scary. I have more confidence hosting than dancing!

Have you done much dancing in the past?

I chair dance regularly on the air during our show, but beyond that, my 11-year-old daughter makes me stop. This will be my two-minute reprieve! I basically get one full day of cramming with Anna, and we’ll give it our best shot.

Have any athletes or performers from Dancing With the Stars inspired you?

Look, all of the athletes have been great. I was thrown off the high school chess team for not being athletic enough! In terms of dancing skills, I think Cloris Leachman might be more fair competition than going up against one of the athletes who have been on the show.

To see if Greeny would bet on March Madness again, and to watch the performance itself, click below!

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How You Can Dance Like a Pro With Kym Johnson

Written on May 7, 2012 at 3:37 pm , by

Learn to dance with Kym and Mark! (Photo courtesy of Lionsgate Publicity)

We don’t know about you, but we’ve found ourselves tuning into this season’s Dancing With the Stars and wishing we could move as well as the pros, and even some of the contestants. We got the scoop from Kym Johnson about how she keeps dancing fun for her and her partners, her stay-healthy tips and how you can learn to salsa and shimmy while staying fit.

We’re sad to see you and Jaleel White go last week. Who do you think are the top competitors this season? Who do you enjoy watching?

I think Katherine and Mark are ones to watch and William and Cheryl are really good. There are a lot of great dancers this season, so it’s exciting.

How do you keep dancing fun, especially when you’re practicing for hours a day?

It’s always fun for me; it’s difficult to learn a dance in just four days but it’s fun. For the show, we dance for seven to eight hours a day. It’s hard on the body. We use a lot of Epsom salts for baths after.

There’s also the mental aspect of the competition, right?

You have to be a mentor and be motivational. These celebrities are out of their comfort zone. Everyone is different and you need to figure out how to get them to learn in their own way. When I see that my partner is getting frustrated, I usually do a five-minute break. I always give positive feedback first and then give a critique to help them learn.

Besides dancing, how do you stay in such great shape?

When the show’s on, all the practicing is more than enough of a workout. When the show’s not on, I do Pilates and Xtend Barre and just like to get outdoors in general.

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Dancing With the Stars Pro Peta Murgatroyd Picks Her Top Three Dancers of the Season!

Written on April 30, 2012 at 10:12 am , by

Before DWTS, New Zealand-born Murgatroyd performed in the Broadway show "Burn the Floor." (Photo courtesy of Rod Foster Photography)

Last week on Dancing With the Stars, pro Peta Murgatroyd and her partner, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver, aced their fox trot during the Motown challenge. The previous week, they were on the top of the leader board with their paso doble during rock week. It’s beginning to look like this is one of the pairs that will surely be tough to beat!

As they were preparing for the classical challenge tonight, we caught up with Murgatroyd to learn more about her partnership with Driver and what it really takes to pull together those impressive routines.

I predict the three couples in the finals will include… “Fingers crossed, Donald and I will make it! Katherine [Jenkins] has amazing skills and William [Levy] has the fan base. But there are a lot of great dancers this season who could surely go to the end!”

My favorite season so far… “I’ve only been on two, but when I was with Meta World Peace [nee Ron Artest], we were knocked out in the first round. Donald is dedicated, willing to put in the hours and is so kind. We’re working so hard for the mirrorball trophy and are planning to add better skills and harder choreography moving forward.”

To prepare for one show… “We dance at least six hours daily, and sometimes come back in the evening for more. Then Donald goes home to his family—he’s great at balancing it all!”

The cameras don’t catch… “Despite the strong competition, everyone becomes a big family. I’m really good friends with Katherine and Maks [Chmerkovskiy].”

My celebrity dream partner… “Justin Timberlake, Kellan Lutz or George Clooney.” [Editor's note: We're right there with Peta on these picks!]

The theme week I wish we would do… “I love R&B and hip-hop music and would love to dance to that on the show.”

To feel confident in my skimpy outfits… “I just tell myself to suck it up! It does help that I get to work with the designers who make the dress so they take my input into account.”

Now tell us: Which celebrities do you think will make the final cut on this season of DWTS?

Brooke Burke Picks Her Dancing With the Stars Front-Runners

Written on March 26, 2012 at 10:21 am , by

Written by Kate Branciforte, editorial intern

Brooke Burke is ready for spring! (Photo courtesy of Claritin)

FITNESS’ January cover model, Brooke Burke, can totally relate to those suffering from early allergies this year. But the co-host of Dancing With the Stars and mother of four who wears many hats (from TV host to spokesperson to author) knows that no matter how bad her allergies get, she has to find a way to keep moving.

We caught up with Brooke to talk about how she deals with the sniffles, her involvement with Claritin and the new short comedic film she starred in for the brand. And of course, we had to chat about the current season of DWTS and get her predictions before tonight’s episode!

You looked amazing in the January FITNESS and many of our readers said they related to your lifestyle as a busy working mom. How did you feel about being on the cover?

I loved it! I’m a fan of the magazine anyway and its always important for me to be able to grace a cover like FITNESS because it’s all about health and I like what it symbolizes. I love that it’s inspiring to other women and the shoot was a blast!

How did you get involved with Claritin and this project?

I’ve always had allergies and I’ve always used Claritin. I don’t know how they knew that, but they came to me and we partnered and decided to do this short. It was really a blast to not play myself. And I do really use Claritin. I mean, I can’t really just call in sick and stay home because I’m swollen and feeling crappy!

At FITNESS we love Dancing With the Stars. What are some of your predictions for this season?

I think the men this season are a little stronger then the females, actually, but you never know! I think Jaleel White really surprised everyone but they also said Katherine Jenkins looked borderline pro. But I really liked Donald Driver, the NFL superstar, but his scores weren’t as high as I thought they might be after seeing him perform!

If you could see anyone on the show next season, who would it be?

I’d love to see Suzanne Somers. She’d be great! Oscar De La Hoya would also be really amazing. I’ve always wanted to see him. It was rumored that Paula Deen was supposed to dance this season but I don’t know what happened with that. But I think Suzanne would be great!

Just because we’re dying to know…Is Maksim Chmerkovskiy as cute in person as he is on TV?

Oh gosh, last show, when he came out shirtless with his abs popping and all tan? Yeah, he’s really cute! And Maks’ brother Val is really cute too!

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Dancing With the Stars Pro Chelsie Hightower Dishes On the New Cast

Written on March 19, 2012 at 12:09 pm , by

Hightower loves moves that target the large muscle groups. (Photo by Denise Crew)

Now that Bachelor Ben proposed to Courtney, it’s time for a new crop of characters to fuel the water cooler talk. Tonight, you’ll see FITNESS cover model Maria Menounos, The View co-host Sherri Shepherd and former “Steve Urkel” Jaleel White, among others, showing off their moves for the premiere of season 14 of Dancing With the Stars.

We caught up with one of the show’s pros, Chelsie Hightower, while she was promoting a Greek Island vacation sweepstakes with Old London to have her handicap the season and fill us in about which dance move we need to be doing to be beach-ready stat!

How are things going so far with your new partner, Disney Channel star Roshon Fegan?

He has a great attitude and our training is going very well. He really wants to have fun and I think that’s the most important thing.

Viewers have questioned whether this season’s cast has the star power to draw ratings, as compared to past seasons. How would you respond?

I actually thought the same thing until I met the cast. There are so many great personalities and the dance skill level is high. Great characters, dancers and storylines behind the pairings are what really shape a season, and I think this cast has all of that.

When we interviewed you for FITNESS previously, you mentioned that your dream partner would be Justin Timberlake. How about if you were the celebrity and could pick your pro partner?

Justin Timberlake would be pretty fantastic! Derek [Hough] is patient and has a great work ethic, so I think I’d go with him.

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FITNESS Awards: More of the Year’s Fit Favorites

Written on February 10, 2012 at 12:07 pm , by

I love awards season just as much as the next girl, but sometimes big moments and celebs don’t get the attention they deserve. Check out Fitness Editor Jenna’s top picks, then read on to see my fit favorites from the last year, just in time for the Grammys on Sunday. Our final installment of picks will run the Friday before the Oscars, so stay tuned!

Best Fit Mom: Jessica Alba

2011 was the year of celebrity pregnancies, and we loved watching many moms-to-be keep up their fitness routine throughout pregnancy. Alba had an amazing baby bounce-back, giving birth to second daughter Haven and rocking the Golden Globes’ red carpet a mere five months later. Other mommy makeovers we love: January Jones, Kate Hudson and Mariah Carey.

Giuliana always has a smile, even in troubling times.(Photo courtesy of Insider Images)

Strongest Star in the Face of Adversity: Giuliana Rancic

The beautiful co-host of E! News and Live From the Red Carpet has faced multiple health issues—from infertility struggles to her breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent surgeries—but remained strong and never shied away from the cameras. We sat down with Rancic at a Glade Expressions Dinner Party in January, when she told us that her treatment was a success and that she’s healthy and happy to be back at work. We at FITNESS are extremely impressed and inspired by her optimistic, open outlook on life after all she’s endured.

Best Celeb Slimdown: Ricki Lake

After a rollercoaster of weight loss and gain over the years, Lake seems to have finally nailed down the secret to shedding pounds and keeping it off. Her perfect fit? Taking on the challenge of serious competitor on Dancing with the Stars. A consistent front-runner on the show’s 13th season, Lake tangoed, salsa-d and cha-cha-ed her way to the final three, dropping pounds along the way. She reportedly shed four dress sizes and is in amazing shape. Go, Ricki!

Best Save-Your-Skin Move: Indoor Tanning Banned in California

We’re big advocates in the fight against skin cancer, and research has proven that indoor tanning increases your chances of developing the deadly disease. California made huge strides when they prohibited minors from the salons (even if they have parental permission), and more states are considering similar moves. Even though attempts failed in four other states in 2011, our fingers are crossed that we’ll continue to take a step in the healthy direction!

Now tell us: What were some of your favorite fit moments, people and items from the last year?

December DVD Review: Kristi Yamaguchi’s Power Workout

Written on December 5, 2011 at 12:28 pm , by

Train like an Olympian. (Photo courtesy of Amazon.com)

December’s Top Workout DVD: Kristi Yamaguchi’s Power Workout

Best for: Those with short attention spans—who are ready to sweat!

Why it’s a star: Olympian and former Dancing With the Stars champion Yamaguchi leads you through a plyometrics-heavy cardio and total body-focused strength routine that packs a lot of action into 53 minutes. You’ll start off with a warm-up reminiscent of the ’80s workout tapes on VHS, but don’t be fooled. Yamaguchi and her trainer, Erin O’Brien quickly pick up the pace by alternating cardio segments full of jumping lunges, high knees and rotating jumping squats with muscle-building moves like overhead triceps extensions with plie squats. Time flies, as each circuit is less than 10 minutes and offers a solid workout for both your heart and muscles!

Where to get it: $12.99, amazon.com

More from FITNESS: Need a soundtrack? Try Kristi Yamaguchi’s workout playlist.

Which Celebs Would DWTS Pro Anna Trebunskaya Like to Compete Against?

Written on October 25, 2011 at 3:55 pm , by

Anna's husband, Jonathan Roberts, is also a pro dancer. (Photo by Sonny Tong)

Soon after Dancing With the Stars pro Anna Trebunskaya and her partner fashion expert Carson Kressley were the fifth pair eliminated from the reality show last week, the Russian-born redhead stopped by our offices to fill us in about her competition, dancing tips and dream cast. One of our favorite pieces of advice from Trebunskaya during our fun chat? “Sometimes you just have to stop, smell the roses and dance the tango!”

Read on for five pieces of can’t-miss scoop from this spunky star!

  1. Forecasting the frontrunners. She predicts that J.R. Martinez will walk away with the Mirror Ball trophy this season, with Ricki Lake and Rob Kardashian not far behind.
  2. Women who should work it. Trebunskaya believes Lindsey Lohan would be making a wise career choice by participating in a future season of DWTS, although “she would need to be with a patient partner,” Trebunskaya says. “And Britney Spears would kill it on the show! She’s great.”
  3. Why Carson rocks. “He’s not the most coordinated, but he just has so much charisma,” Trebunskaya says of her partner during season 13 of the reality show. “Carson was a perfect partner in a way—a hard worker and very creative. He was inspiring to me.”
  4. How to get in step. If you’re just learning to dance, “get a friend or a co-worker and go to a beginner group class. People often have too great of expectations early on, thinking they should be able to dance well right away. You can’t be thrown in like a child in the ocean just learning to swim—take small steps, like a child in the baby pool,” Trebunskaya recommends. “Dancing is a skill and it takes repetition to learn, but it’s really not a big deal. It should always be fun.”
  5. Would you rather… As future male contestants on the show, would you rather see:
  • President Obama or Bill Clinton? “Bill Clinton. He’s musical and plays the sax. Plus he’s quite charming.”
  • Justin Timberlake or Chris Brown? “Chris Brown. I’ve seen him perform as a musical guest on our show, and he’s got the moves! It would be a good thing for his image, too.”
  • Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler? “Jim Carrey. He’s tall, has a good frame and is probably a good dancer.”

Now tell us: Who do you think will best the competition this season? And who would you like to see perform on DWTS in the future?

Karina Smirnoff’s Dancing Secrets

Written on May 16, 2011 at 5:54 pm , by

Karina competes in tonight's Dancing With the Stars semi-finals with her partner, Ralph Macchio.

Watch Karina compete in tonight's Dancing With the Stars semi-finals. (Photo by Michael Anthony)

All right all of you Dancing With the Stars fans—we’re down to the wire! Tonight marks the semi-final routines, and Chelsea Kane, Kirstie Alley, Hines Ward or Ralph Macchio will walk away with the mirrorball trophy (with their professional partner, of course). Our pre-season predictions weren’t too far off!

To get the inside scoop about what it’s really like to be on the show, we recently caught up with pro Karina Smirnoff. Besides displaying fancy footwork with The Karate Kid‘s Ralph Macchio on the show, Karina has her own dance studio, and has just released a workout DVD, shoe line and makeup line (whew!). During her few spare moments, she told us about DWTS training, how she stays well-fueled during her hectic schedule and what it’s like to dance with a movie star.

Has your workout routine changed since you began on DWTS?

Yes. We rehearse everyday for seven or eight hours and take very few short breaks. After that, I usually rush to my dance studio to teach my fitness classes. That leaves very little time to do anything else! But sometimes I can fit in a yoga class.

How do you maintain your perky attitude and energy with that grueling schedule?

I try to eat healthy and keep my energy up with bananas, dark chocolate and protein, like nuts. Nuts are my favorite snack because they’re healthy and filling.

How does Ralph Macchio compare to the other partners you’ve had on the show?

I love Ralph. We clicked right away and I think we make a great team. We’re both workaholics! We laugh a lot, work a lot, but most importantly, we love dancing together. I am truly enjoying being Ralph’s partner.

Who do you see as your biggest competition this season?

This season is very unpredictable. We have a lot of great celebrities and everyone is bringing their “A” game. All we can do is work hard, deliver the best job we can on Mondays, keep entertaining our fans and hope for the best.

DWTS surely keeps you busy. Will you be hands-on at your new studio, Karina Smirnoff Dance?

Absolutely. I’ll be teaching students and training instructors. Everyone who wants to learn how to dance, get in shape, meet new friends and have lots of fun should stop in!

Want to see Karina and Ralph advance to the finals? Visit abc.com or call 1-800-868-3408 to vote. AT&T customers can text until 30 minutes after the show.

Now tell us: Who are you rooting for to take the DWTS trophy this season?