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Girl Power: Becky Hammon and the San Antonio Spurs Makes History for the NBA

Written on August 6, 2014 at 5:12 pm , by

She’s 5′ 6″, 37, and is carving some serious pathways down the basketball court—and with more than just her skillful plays as a pro b-baller.

Becky Hammon, the WNBA San Antonio Silver Stars point guard, will serve as the San Antonio Spurs’ new assistant coach when she retires to the sidelines this month, making her the first paid, full-time female assistant in the NBA. Yeah. Kind of a big deal.

She recently announced that her role won’t be any different than the other assistants’ roles, and she’ll work directly with Coach Gregg Popovich to guide the team that just won the 2014 NBA Finals—amazing, much? And even though Popovich says she was hired for what any coach SHOULD be hired for—skills—we hope this means more just-as-qualified women will start popping up in male-dominated fields.

But basketball fan or not, your eyes better be averting to the sidelines this fall. ‘Cause this girl is shattering all sorts of glass ceilings. Watch Hammon’s full press conference here.

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Fit Blogger We Love: Caitlin Lives Well

Written on March 15, 2012 at 3:23 pm , by

Caitlin is all smiles after finishing the Chicago marathon in 2011!

A devoted runner with a fun-loving attitude, Caitlin from Caitlin Lives Well is a great role model for finding balance within healthy living. Her tagline sums it up quite nicely, actually: “choosing health, one day at a time.” After all, that’s all anyone can do, isn’t it? Read on to find out what makes her happiest and what intense workout trend has piqued her interest.

My favorite way to work out: Running, indoor cycling and I’m a new CrossFit convert. Last week I did a WOD [Editor's note: This is CrossFit speak for "Workout of the Day."] and couldn’t walk down stairs without cringing for three days, so I was immediately hooked.

On my fit life list: Complete a triathlon, run the Dublin and London marathons, become a run coach and coach new runners/first-time marathoners.

My fitness mantra: I run because I can. When I get too caught up in PRs (personal record), splits and bad runs, I remind myself that I’m blessed with my health and the ability to move.

I’m happiest when I’m: Running on the beach. Running, endorphins, sun, sand, sweat…it doesn’t get any better.

My motivation comes from: Surrounding myself with awesome, fit people. I have an amazing husband and incredible friends, teachers and coaches—working out with them is fun, inspiring and keeps me going.

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