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Jennie Garth Sees Good in New Charity Campaign

Written on July 19, 2013 at 11:04 am , by

Jennie’s latest project, ahem, behind writing a new book and television show? Promoting vision wellness in children. (Photo courtesy of Michael Murphree)

Jennie Garth is the definition of a supermom: She’s a mother of three and manages to juggle her career as an actress and director with family time. And don’t think a swamped schedule ever stands in this gal’s way of a good sweat—it’s obviously not a problem! The 40-year-old, notoriously known for her role as Kelly Taylor on Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place, has been flaunting a slim bod this summer and (holy teeny bikini) she’s never looked better. Sneaking in jogs and maintaining a healthy cuisine regime is key, Jennie told us this week when we chatted about her new passion project, Eye Saw Good. Read on to find out how you can donate and help kids’ eye care without ever whipping out your checkbook—plus Jennie’s must-do move for those six-pack abs!

What inspired you to connect with Alcon and Eye Saw Good?

I have three girls. Two of them are in glasses already and one of them wants glasses! It was startling to me to find out that one in four kids in America need vision correction and they don’t have access to it. So this is an opportunity for me to bring awareness to a campaign called Eye Saw Good. It’s a really interactive, fun way for everybody out there to get involved and feel good about something that they’re doing: Just take photos of something you consider to be good and positive and share them on Twitter with #eyesawgood. The hashtag triggers a donation to Kids Vision for Life, an organization that provides kids in need with glasses, eye care and exams. It’s a cool, sort of artistic, way for people to be a part of something. They just have to share their pictures; they don’t have to share their money!

Staying fit as a busy, working mom must be tough. How do you make time to keep up with fitness and a balanced diet?

It’s definitely challenging—I’ve been traveling so much lately. I do what I can wherever I am. I love running outside or just fast walking. All you need are sneakers! That’s how I do it—just mindful eating and continuing to stay active.

OK, spill. What’s your bikini body secret? Your abs are fab!

I like this ab move: Hold something behind your head (we suggest a weight, ball or your buddy’s ankles) and lift your legs up and down, like a straight pike. Just keep your abs tight the whole time! My other favorite is a handstand. Against a tree, a wall, or a person. It comes from yoga—I used to do yoga but haven’t been lately because I just can’t commit to a class schedule. It is one of my favorite yoga moves because it’s an arm wonder, too.

Snap a photo of something good—it’s as easy as that! (Photo courtesy of Michael Murphree)

You rocked Dancing with the Stars a few seasons back. Do you still dance?

I don’t! I recently danced at a wedding and it was clear that I lost all my moves. I need a dancing partner; that’s my problem. Those are hard to find.

Best pump-up song on your workout playlist?

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Macklemore, and Dubstep is something that keeps me going. It’s funny to think that I’m running up the canyon listening to Dubstep!

What’s a healthy dish you whip up for a family dinner?

I’ve converted my kids to brown rice now, which I think is a great start if they’re going to eat a complex carb or starch. We drink a lot of coconut water at our house, and for oils, we love light olive or coconut oil.

Want to get involved with Jennie’s project? Do good with what you see. Simply “donate” a dollar by uploading your picture on Instagram or Twitter with #eyesawgood and help make a difference in children’s vision services, provided by Alcon’s The EyeSolution program and the Kids Vision for Life charity. Curious about what else Jennie has in the works? Be on the lookout for a forthcoming book and television show!

An Intro from Paige Claassen: “Every Person Deserves That Hope.”

Written on July 12, 2013 at 9:39 am , by

Paige Claassen is a professional rock climber who will spend the next year raising money for charities across the globe. Photo by Jon Glassberg (LT11.com).

Paige Claassen is a professional rock climber who will spend the next year raising money for charities across the globe. Photo by Jon Glassberg (LT11.com).

Paige Claassen is a professional rock climber and the creator of the Lead Now program. FITNESS is kinda obsessed with her and will be following her journey for the next year. This intro video is worth watching because it will make you want to follow her journey, too!


By Paige Claassen

A few weeks ago, I packed up my life in the United States and hopped on a plane to the other side of the globe. As a professional rock climber and recent college graduate, I was ready to explore, learn and push my athletic goals.

My objective is a project I designed myself, called Marmot’s Lead Now Tour , in which I’ll rock climb around the world to raise money for charity. I’ll attempt climbs that push not only my personal limits, but also the standards of women in my sport—with hopes of raising $120,000 (in total) for twelve different non-profit organizations in the twelve different countries I’ll visit. Each of these organizations supports women and children who suffer from physical abuse, lack of education, hunger, sexual oppression, or natural disasters.

My motivation is to inspire other people through rock climbing. I began climbing at the age of nine, and this hobby-turned-lifestyle has kept me out of trouble, taught me the importance of hard work, and shaped my confidence and personality. I want children and young women of all backgrounds to experience the joy and motivation that comes from an activity that inspires them to get out of bed each day, and pursue something with all their heart. Each of us spends our life searching for that one thing we’re passionate about. Whether it’s the ability to attend school, run our own business, support our family or play a sport, every person deserves that hope.

I want you to be involved! I’ll be documenting my adventure here on The Fit Stop each month, so feel free to virtually join me in my adventure. This month, I’m climbing next to waterfalls in South Africa while giraffe and zebra watch from below. While I’m here, I’m raising money for Room to Read, an organization that builds schools and libraries and provides reading materials to children in South Africa’s 11 native languages. Help me meet my $10,000 goal by donating online at www.crowdrise.com/leadnowtour. Any amount will help provide these children with an education and the ability to enjoy the activities that we so often take for granted.

Questions? Comments? I’d love to hear from you!


A Sweet Way to Support Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Written on April 8, 2013 at 3:45 pm , by

The Michael J. Fox Foundation has given more than $304 million to Parkinson’s research so far. This is an easy (and cheap!) way to help them give more.

The next time you get the itch for a sweet treat, cave in for a good cause. In honor of Parkinson’s Awareness Month (FYI: One American is diagnosed every nine minutes), Magnolia Bakery has teamed up with the Michael J. Fox Foundation on a limited-edition cupcake, available online and sold in stores throughout April. For $1.75, you can support the MJFF and Parkinson’s disease research for new treatments and ultimately–a cure.

To purchase a cupcake, visit magnoliabakery.com or stop by a Magnolia Bakery near you. To learn more about the MJFF, visit michaeljfox.org.

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SoulCycle on the High Line to Benefit Friends of the High Line!

Written on April 8, 2013 at 10:09 am , by

Spring has sprung! New York City is finally seeing some sunlight and warm temps this week—and what better way to celebrate than with SoulCycle and Friends of the High Line on Thursday night. If you’ve ever visited Manhattan, you know that one of the must-see stops on the tourist to-do list is checking out the new and improved High Line. Quick history lesson: Back in the mid-1800′s the High Line was a railway that ran on the lower west side of the city delivering meat, produce and raw goods throughout the Meatpacking District. But over time as trucking became the more widely used mode of transportation for manufacturers the High Line stopped running as frequently and was overcome by grass, weeds, shrubs and trees. During Manhattan’s reformative years of the 1990′s, many lobbied for the High Line to be demolished as it was becoming an overgrown sight for sore eyes. Thankfully, Friends of the High Line saw this 1-mile stretch as an opportunity for an unique urban project that could one day become a linear park—a walking greenway for locals to enjoy and hopefully add to the many charms of New York City.

SoulCycle on the High Line! (Photo courtesy of SoulCycle)

Friends of the High Line advocated for preservation of the land and in June 2011 the 1-mile redesign of the High Line as we know it today was complete. This Thursday, April 11, Soul Cycle and Friends of the High Line have teamed up for a once-in-a-lifetime event to honor this rare beauty in our bustling city. Tickets start at a hefty $500 but all proceeds will be donated back to the Friends of the High Line to help keep the park clean, plants beautiful, and continue the widespread free activities that go on throughout the year. The 6:30 PM class is taught by master instructors Laurie Cole and Stacey Griffith, so you’re in for a double treat.

I can’t remember what it was like before the High Line, when on nice days my husband and I would read the paper and drink coffee on the many lounge chairs Friends of the High Line have provided us. Or when I have visitors in town and the High Line isn’t the first stop on our must-see trip—it always is. Spots like the beautiful High Line in New York City are hidden gems and bring so much happiness to anyone who has an opportunity to visit.

For more info and to register for a bike, visit SoulCycle on the High Line to Benefit Friends of the High Line! See you there!

Jennie Garth on Giving Back, Weight Loss Secrets and Staying in Shape

Written on March 7, 2013 at 4:30 pm , by

No Jock Jams here! Jennie Garth listens to mellow music to stay in the zone during a sweat session. (Photo courtesy Lindt)

Have you ever walked into a Lindt store before? I had not, until this week when I went to go see actress Jennie Garth kick off the Lindt Gold Bunny Celebrity Auction to raise funds for Autism Speaks. Let me tell you, it is a deliciously terrifying place if you have a sweet tooth. The walls are covered with chocolate, not to mention the gold bunnies that basically spoke to you as soon as you walked in the door. (I swear one of them whispered to me that I could take all their chocolate ears and no one would care). But luckily, watching Garth sign her bunny and looking more in shape than ever was enough motivation to keep me from ransacking the walls. Below, Garth chats with us on her latest fitness routine, weight loss tricks and how she stays in shape.

What made you decide to get involved in the Lindt Gold Bunny Celebrity Auction this year?
I have three daughters and Easter is a big family time holiday for us. It’s also a valuable time to tell them about the importance of giving back, so partnering up with Lindt for this is just something I can really feel good about.

What’s your fitness routine like these days?
I’m really into hiking and jogging with my dog right now. I recently got a really big dog and he needs exercise all the time, so that is something that is new for me. I work out in a gym with a trainer two to three days a week on top of that. Read more

A New Way to Get Inspired to Race This Spring

Written on March 5, 2013 at 2:27 pm , by

Sign up for a race and help run the world–literally! (Photo courtesy Laura Doss)

Brr! It might be the first week of March, but it feels more like December. One way FITNESS editors stay motivated through the winter is to sign up for a spring race (or races, for that matter!). On top of beating our seasonal blues, a new campaign started by She’s the First, a not-for-profit that sponsors girls’ educations in developing nations has got us more fired up than ever.

From March 1 to June 30, sign up at shesthefirst.org/RunSTF and get placed on a virtual “Run the World” map and create an online fundraising page. Then, ask your friends and family to match your miles or minutes for your race (for example, $13.10 if you’re running the MORE/FITNESS Magazine Half-Marathon!). You can also connect to the She’s the First Trailblazers Facebook page, so you can cheer and be cheered on as you all train for your races and raise money for a good cause! Don’t want to go at it alone? Grab some friends and start a team, plus tweet your progress with the hashtag #RunSTF for some social support. Once you finish training for your marathon, half-marathon, or bevy of spring 5Ks, you’ll be able to check back at the site and see how much your training and charity efforts helped school-aged girls all around the world. Oh yeah, and your body will be beach-ready, too. That’s a win-win in our book!

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Fitness Gala 2013: Sweating for a Good Cause

Written on February 4, 2013 at 3:49 pm , by

Editor in Chief Betty, Smash star Megan Hilty and Web Editor Colleen hang out before Dasha Libin’s Kettlebell Kickboxing workout.

Sure, we love dressing up as much as the next gal–but when we’re asked to go to a red carpet event in our spandex and sneakers, it’s pretty much a fitness editor’s dream come true. And that’s exactly what we did this weekend at the Fitness Gala 2013, benefitting Mariska Hargitay’s charity, the Joyful Hearts Foundation.

Between mingling with stars like Smash‘s Megan Hilty, who hosted the event, celebrity bartender Ryan Serhant of Million Dollar Listing (and yup, he’s as hunky off-screen as he is on) and noshing on healthy and delicious bites from celebrity chef and author of Cook Yourself Sexy Candice Kumai, we were in healthy living heaven.

But let’s not forget about the workout! Dasha Libin, creator of Kettlebell Kickboxing led a 45-minute master class for over 100 women who were excited to squat and swing to take a stand against sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. True story: There was even a Gangnam Style-inspired move. Check out some pictures from the event below.


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Jane Krakowski Talks Giving Back, Busy Holidays and Exercise

Written on December 20, 2012 at 10:00 am , by

Jane’s workouts these days consist of chasing her son and fitness classes on the fly. Clearly it’s working for her! (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Written by Jennifer Fiorentino, editorial intern

With everything going on this time of year, we can sometimes forget the most important part of the holidays–giving back. That’s what 30 Rock‘s Jane Krakowski is doing with the help of Bank of America, who will be donating this season to Feeding America, which supports hunger relief in the U.S. Jane made the first donation using the mobile transfer function on Bank of America’s mobile banking app, while chatting with us about her holiday plans and her post-baby fitness secrets!

How do you stay organized during the busy holiday season?

I’m still trying to figure that all out. I do a lot of multitasking and things at odd hours of the day and night. I’ll take a nap then wake up at midnight to write Christmas cards. It’s a lot but it’s also a fun time of the year and we’re looking forward to making Christmas special this year.

We heard that you’re hosting your first Christmas, what are you doing to prepare for it?

I haven’t gotten to the preparing part yet. My fiancé and I are going to be those people at the stores shopping on Christmas Eve because of the 30 Rock finale. We’re shooting around the clock right now. So there will be many last minute preparations, but that’s fine because it’s just family members. He’ll be doing most of the cooking so my relatives are in good hands, they won’t have to eat my cooking. Read more

Mia Hamm’s Timesaving Workout Tricks and Best Christmas Gift Ever

Written on December 6, 2012 at 10:55 am , by

Mia opening presents as a kid, have you ever seen a more adorable sight? We love the catchy t-shirt slogan! (Photo courtesy of Dick’s Sporting Goods)

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, but when you have twin girls who are almost 6 years old and a son under one like retired soccer star Mia Hamm, busy takes on a whole new meaning. To help keep in mind the spirit of the season, Hamm still found the time to team up with Dick’s Sporting Goods Gifts That Matter campaign, to celebrate giving gifts that help inspire future athletes. We chatted with Hamm on her most memorable gifts, her go-to holiday workouts and how she plans to beat stress this month.

Do you have a gift that mattered most in shaping you as an athlete?

When I was 11 years old I got my first pair of real leather cleats, which in my mind made me a real soccer player. It inspired me to keep with the sport and work harder to get to that next level. That’s why I was so excited about this campaign, because sporting gifts like that can make a real difference. It seems like such a little thing, but to a kid something so simple like that makes their world. I also love the idea behind this campaign because in the spirit of giving, Dick’s Sporting Goods will also make a contribution to the Mia Hamm Foundation this month, so we can help out underprivileged children as well.

We just wrapped up our gift guides, and our readers told us the best gifts they’ve ever gotten. What’s a great gift you’ve received recently?

After the birth of our third child, my husband was working and traveling a lot. For two or three months he hired a woman to come in for three to four hours to cook our meals for the week. Everything was healthy and organic and it took a lot of pressure off of me and let me spend quality time with our kids. That was really great. Read more

Calling All Ultra Athletes! Run the US for a Good Cause

Written on November 2, 2012 at 10:21 am , by

Ashley Kumlien, the event’s founder running through Utah in 2010. (Photo courtesy of MS Run the US)

Tired of tackling marathons and ready to take on a bigger fitness challenge? If you consider yourself an ultrarunner (as in, running 20 miles a day doesn’t make you woozy just thinking about it!), then you could be the perfect fit for The MS Run the US 2013 Relay, taking place April 16 through September 17, 2013.

But don’t worry; you don’t have to tag along for the whole thing! The relay will cover approximately 140 miles per runner over the course of six days to raise funds and benefit The National MS Society for MS research, a disease that affects 400,000 Americans. The course, starting in Los Angeles, CA and ending in NYC will mimic the 2010 trans-continental run the event’s founder, Ashley Kumlien, ran on behalf of her mother’s 30th anniversary of her fight against MS.

There are currently 14 Running Partner spots still open for various cities, so if you’re interested, visit msruntheus.com for more information and an application. Not quite up for the challenge? Check out the page to see how you can donate or volunteer when the relay comes to your town.

Now tell us: Have you ever done a run for charity? Which one?