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#140Wednesday: If You Could Have Your Own Personal Training Session With Anyone, Who Would It Be?

Written on August 15, 2012 at 4:39 pm , by

We have some brave readers! Trainer Jillian Michaels was one of the top picks to work out with. (Photo courtesy Andrew Southam)

Written by Lisa Turner, editorial intern

We know our readers love the workouts that we get from top trainers, but can you imagine having them coach you in a solo session? Talk about a gym rat’s heaven! This week we asked our Twitter followers who they want to sweat with. Some went for athletic hotties, while others chose all-star trainers whose workouts and TV programs inspire millions to get moving.

@Maggie_Garccia: Belly dance instructor Rania, she’s amazing!

@sopherella101: Channing Tatum

@glitteryze: @ryanlochte!

@beauty_edge: @ChaleneJohnson because she has an amazing attitude and great energy! #turbofire #turbo

@DanielleWolfe: I would be honored to have my booty kicked by @JillianMichaels.

@mejessiam: It would have to be Jackie Warner! #strongchick

@FITNESSkarla: No question about it: @MyTrainerBob!

@krmarks05: Only one is unfair! @JillianMichaels, @MyTrainerBob and @TracyAnderson would be my trifecta!



How Giuliana Rancic Fits in Fitness

Written on July 26, 2012 at 11:09 am , by

Between hosting E! News, covering red carpet events and preparing to be a mom, Giuliana Rancic manages to fit in fitness in her busy schedule. “I try to make it part of my everyday routine,” she said, even co-founding the website FabFitFun.com to help others be healthy. We chatted with the E! host after her morning workout to find out how she stays in shape.

What’s your fitness routine like?

I like to do weight training first thing in the morning at 5 a.m. in the gym. I do about 20 to 30 minutes with free weights. Then I do run/walk intervals on the treadmill for about 45 minutes. If I have an early call time at work, I’ll go to the gym in the afternoon and take a Zumba class, which is so much fun. Even when I’m busy, I’ll make time because I like to say “You’ll never regret going to the gym.”

What made you decide to take up Zumba?

I started two years ago after learning about it from an E! segment.  I went to my first class with my coworker Jason Kennedy. I thought, “This is so much fun. I can’t believe they call it a workout!” I couldn’t wait to go back. I just got the Zumba Exhilarate DVDs and toning sticks from Zumba.com. You shake the sticks to sculpt your upper body while burning calories. I’m on the road a lot so this is something I can pack and do in my hotel room.

Do you and your husband Bill work out together?

We do weights together; he’s my spotter at the gym. We go for a long run together outdoors. I’d love to get him into Zumba, and I think can get him to try a DVD with me at home.

Your job requires a lot of traveling and a hectic schedule. How do you make sure you stay healthy?

I’m on an airplane for hours, and it’s hard finding healthy airplane food so I eat what’s there, enjoy it, but eat well when I get to my destination. It’s all about moderation. I keep bars and 100-calorie mixed nuts to always have something good to eat.

With a baby on the way (Ed’s note: Giuliana and Bill are expecting a baby boy from a surrogate), what kind of changes do you anticipate in your routine?

We’re committed to staying healthy, and know it will be hard going to the gym with the baby. So we’re turning one of the rooms in our house into a gym, putting a TV and treadmills in there. I’m going on maternity leave from E! for a few months and after that we’ll figure it out.  It’s our first child so we’ll just figure things out as we go. It’s a learning process.

Tell us: Do you do Zumba like Giuliana?

Music Monday: Drop Dead Diva’s April Bowlby’s Get-Fit Playlist

Written on July 9, 2012 at 9:04 am , by

April Bowlby filming a scene with Kim Kardashian for Drop Dead Diva. (Photo courtesy of Lifetime)

As her role in Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva, April Bowlby plays Stacy Barrett, the best friend to a once vapid model whose soul has landed inside the body of a plus-sized attorney, Jane Bingum. April’s character is a wannabe model herself, who helps Jane navigate her future in her new, oversized physique.

In real life, April Bowlby loves a good sweat session. “I just started the most amazing ballet class and I am obsessed with it,” she says. “The first half is all about stretching out and warming up your muscles and the second half is at the barre. It has really helped with my posture.” When she’s not practicing her plies, Bowlby stays in shape with some simple cardio. “I love jogging on the treadmill. Once you find a rhythm it’s easy to get into the zone. I also love hiking with my dog.” To help you get in the zone this week, Bowlby shared her playlist that she listens to while pounding out the miles:

 For more information on April Bowlby and Drop Dead Diva, visit dropdeaddivafans.tumblr.com.



Boxer Marlen Esparza Trains Hard to Represent US in Olympics

Written on June 26, 2012 at 7:00 am , by

You'll definitely want to keep your eyes on Esparza during the Olympics. (Photo courtesy Sports Illustrated)

Marlen Esparza was only 11 when she first stepped into a boxing gym, and it took her days to convince trainer Rudy Silva to allow her to participate in his group workouts. After watching her throw some sloppy but passionate punches at a bag and seeing what Rudy describes as a “spark,” he allowed her to join his sessions with advanced boys.

But that spark doesn’t mean Rudy welcomed her with open arms. “I tried to push her really, really hard,” recalled Rudy during a recent interview at Nike’s campus in Oregon. “I would push the groups really hard, mainly because I wanted her to just quit. After a while, some of my guys started quitting. She just kept showing me every day that she was there to stay and this is what she wanted to do.” Eleven years later, Rudy is still her trainer and Marlen’s tenacity paid off. Not only has she won six national titles, winning her first at age 16, but she was also the first woman to qualify for the US Olympic boxing team.

This honor is not lost on Marlen. In a quick interview in Houston she told us, “To be the first woman to qualify for the Olympics is everything to me. People say to me, ‘Boxing is not who you are; it’s what you do.’ But to me, it’s who I am. I’ve never felt this good in my entire life, ever.”

The road to qualifying wasn’t straightforward, though. The announcement that women’s boxing would be included in the London games also included the news that four weight classes would be combined. Rudy explained, “At the time that they announced the 112 flyweight class, the weight classes that were going to merge into 112 were 106, 110, 114, and 119. Those four weight classes had to compete at 112.” Until the International Olympic announcement, Marlen had fought in the 106-pound weight class. “I had to gain weight,” Marlen told us. “In 2010 I started competing at the 112 Olympic weight class and figuring out who was gonna make it to the games. I was fighting girls down from weighing 119. It was intense. Luckily, I beat them all.”

Keep reading to learn details of how the young boxer eats and trains.

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Smash Star Katharine McPhee’s Go-To Shapers

Written on May 15, 2012 at 11:42 am , by

Katharine McPhee's sexy stems are due to lots of lunges. And dancing, of course! (Photo courtesy Getty Images)

Last night’s Smash finale had viewers on the edge of their seats waiting to see who would finally be crowned Marilyn. Don’t worry if it’s still on your DVR, we’re not giving any spoilers! While we were anxious to see how the performance would play out, Katharine McPhee is already focusing on her next performance in the Big Apple with her partnership with Tide to kick off the Olympic Games. We caught up with the star to hear about the campaign and snag a few fitness tips of hers.

Tell us about the partnership you’re doing with Tide for the Olympics!

To gear up for the Games, Tide is launching a project called My Story. Our Flag. We are asking people to go to the Tide Facebook page to share their personal stories of what the flag means to them. On July 3 I’ll be performing in Bryant Park to unveil a huge artistic rendition of the American flag. The stories that people have shared will be printed on swatches of fabric that will be sewn together to make the flag.

Like the Olympic hopefuls, the road to landing your dream career came with a lot of hard work. What’s one piece of advice you would tell someone with huge goals to help them stay motivated?

I have always loved the Olympics, and I was actually a competitive swimmer in middle school and high school. I remember how grueling the training was then, which is nothing compared to how these athletes train. Being an actress and a singer I understand how important it is to take care of your body. My advice would be to practice persistence and lots of discipline, much like these athletes do.

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Work Out With Celebrity Trainer, Gunnar Peterson, LIVE Tomorrow Morning!

Written on May 7, 2012 at 2:20 pm , by

Peterson (left) has helped sculpt Minka Kelly's enviable shape. You're next! (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)

If you’re ever wanted to work out with a celebrity trainer, now is your chance! Trainer to the stars, Gunnar Peterson, whose hot bodies he’s helped whip into shape include Vanessa Lachey, Jennifer Lopez and Sophia Vergara (just to name a few), is offering a FREE teaser workout tomorrow on his new website, gunnarchallenge.com. The workout is sure to be no joke, even from the comfort of your home, Gunnar will push you to new limits. If you like what you see—more importantly how you feel after a session with this pro—sign up for his exclusive 8-week program that he promises will get you ready to hit the beach with confidence. What a special treat! Give Gunnar eight weeks of your time and devotion and you can look and feel like one of his A-listers too? Sign me up please!

If you sign up for the Gunnar Challenge, which runs from May 21 to July 14, you’ll be working out in real time with online buddies doing the same thing—the group workout experience, minus the group…plus the benefits of exercising with other people. In the challenge you can chat with other members, watch demo videos of Gunnar’s daily workouts and get nutrition advice too. Find out if you’re meeting your daily caloric intake by logging your meals (if you indulged in a bag of potato chips, your program will tell you how long it will take you to burn it off—I love this part!), check out nutritional info of all your favorite foods (the app will keep you on track when you’re not at your desk) and get healthy cooking ideas for more than 1,000 recipes (the program even suggests things to cook for dinner that night..takes the thinking out of the endless “what’s for dinner?” battle). In addition to Gunnar’s daily workouts, a “surprise” session will pop into your inbox Saturday morning—since you won’t know what to expect, the suspense of doing something new and unknown at the start of your weekend will be a motivational treat. Workouts can be printed out and taken to the gym, done outdoors on a hot sunny day or inside in your living room with your music blasting. All the tricks for losing weight are thought out and planned for you—you just have to follow along and you’ll reach the weight-loss goals you want to hit.

The Gunnar Challenge is your chance to have that personal trainer on hand whenever you need him. It makes working out and eating right a no-brainer. Plus, weekly motivational videos from Gunnar himself will keep you pumped up along the way. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a celebrity trainer give so much of his recipe for success for so little cost (the 8-week program costs only $99).

If you’re thinking this program is for you, try Gunnar’s kickoff workout tomorrow from 10 to 11 a.m. EST. Then get ready to get moving with Gunnar on May 21 when you sign up!

Share your results with us after July 14th and we’ll post your before and after pictures on this blog!

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Meet The Trainer: The Balance Method’s Becky Tinney

Written on April 13, 2012 at 3:39 pm , by

Tinney helps her clients—and you—achieve amazing results! (Photo courtesy of The Balance Method)

When I met LA/NYC celebrity trainer, Becky Tinney, a few months ago I instantly liked her spirit, and her personal story. I’m always intrigued by trainers or people who have lived the walk and can train and preach from the heart. As a young girl Becky struggled with body image issues, anorexia and obsessive working out. And upon moving to New York City after college she was faced with the delicious and decadent bevy of restaurants this place has to offer (we face this battle every day!) and she packed on too many pounds. Finally getting in shape the right way Becky realized the secrets to a fit body and a healthy, manageable diet.

Creating her own routine from scratch, she found that women at the gym started mimicking her moves, asking her questions about fitness and showing up when she worked out. Becky saw that she was on to something and The Balance Method was organically created. When Becky moved to Los Angeles she started working in the entertainment industry training actors and industry executives on movie and television sets (what a cool job!). That’s why I love the moves that we give you in the April 2012 issue—they’re tried and true and will get you results. Plus, with summer time literally around the corner, tank top arms are a must-have! Get moving with Becky’s “Strong Armed” workout on page 50, but first check out a little behind-the-scenes action with this inspiring trainer!

If your story was the plot for a movie, tell me how it goes.  

It would probably be The Hunger Games because I’m always training and I’m always hungry. Just kidding! Well I’m a girl from a small town who moved to NYC, fell in love, moved across country to LA and started a dream career. I feel like we’ve seen movies like that before but I hope the biggest part of my movie is still to come!

Why do you like working with actors on set? Is it exciting being a “silent” part of a movie?

It’s a fun time to work with actors because it’s essentially “game time.” We usually have a short period of time to achieve a specific goal so the determination and commitment is in full effect. It’s fun to be a part of creating a whole new image for someone and to give them that added confidence to perform their best work. Having a body that matches the role is a huge boost in confidence!

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How to Stay Forever Young Like Madonna

Written on March 27, 2012 at 9:32 am , by

Flexibility is key, Winhoffer says. (Photo courtesy of Nicole Winhoffer)

When you see Madonna on a talk show this week promoting her new album MDNA (out today!) or during one of the stops on her world tour, which kicks off on May 29, you’ll be checking out moves choreographed by former Broadway dancer Nicole Winhoffer. She appeared in shows like Wicked and 42nd Street, among others, before joining the Material Girl for her Sticky and Sweet Tour in 2009. Winhoffer, who is also a personal trainer, now works in the gym with Madonna six days a week to ensure that she’s ready for her grueling performances.

We caught up with Winhoffer to take a peek behind the scenes and to learn more about how everyone can train just like the amazing 53-year-old pop star!

If our readers could steal one trick from your work with Madonna, what would that be?

Body awareness. One must engage their mind while performing their exercises. Time and time again, I see people reading papers or watching TV while they work out. This might bring about injury and if the mind is not connected to the body, you can’t exert the proper amounts of energy needed to gain the desired results.

You were in Indianapolis to help Madonna prepare for the Super Bowl and are now gearing up to go on tour with her. How do you prepare for each performance?

Right before the show, we warm-up in her dressing room. We complete active hamstring stretch sequences as well as other stretches, ensure joint mobility by performing jumps on the ground and on trampolines and do ab work. As a result, her body is connected, warm and ready for the performance.

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Kicking and Cleaning with Kelly Ripa and Soccer Star Brandi Chastain

Written on March 12, 2012 at 12:30 pm , by

Kelly Ripa And Brandi Chastain kick off spring with a soccer clinic promoting the Electrolux Perfect Steam Washer. (Photo courtesy of Electrolux).

For everyone who spent this weekend running around in the springy weather, you probably now have a pile of dirty clothes to show for it. And while doing laundry may not be on your top ten favorite things to do in life, Kelly Ripa and World Cup Champ Brandi Chastain made it look fun hosting a soccer clinic on behalf of Electrolux’s Kicking and Cleaning campaign at Chelsea Piers in NYC last week. We got the chance to sit down with both of the busy moms to steal some of their time-saving tips, fitness routines and healthy eating tricks.

Read below to become a professional multitasker like these two and then do something good today! When you share your kids’ proudest moments on the Electrolux Facebook page, Electrolux will donate $1 to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

Tell us about Electrolux’s Kicking and Cleaning initiative. Why is this program so important?

Brandi Chastain: The clinic is about getting kids active and involved, both boys and girls. When you have a boy you assume he will play sports, but it’s just as important for girls to get started in sports at a young age too. And with the Electrolux partnership it is a perfect fit. Helping keep kids clean and confident is an important part of being a mom. I can relate even as an athlete. As a player walking onto a field with a white U.S. jersey, you take pride in representing your country and it just looks better if it isn’t dingy and dirty!

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A Day in the Life of Olympic Alum Rebecca Soni

Written on March 8, 2012 at 3:45 pm , by

Just another day at practice? Soni steps up on the starting block to film a commercial for Kellogg's. (Photo courtesy of Kellogg's)

Here at FITNESS, we start bubbling with Olympic excitement a little earlier than the average fan. With only three months to go we’ve hit the point where it is perfectly acceptable to start decorating our cubes in red, white and blue. And we’re sure we aren’t the only ones that feel this way. Athletes are competing now to swim, run and vault their way into the London Games come June as they compete for a chance to represent their country. To get a glimpse into the schedule of a hard working Olympian, we got U.S. swimmer and three-time Olympic medalist Rebecca Soni to break down an average day for us on behalf of Kellogg’s. Warning: Just reading her hectic schedule may cause exhaustion!

5:30 a.m. – I wake up, walk my dog and eat a bowl of cereal. I’ll usually have Raisin Bran or mix some of my favorite Kellogg’s cereals together with some fruit. I can’t get through a workout unless I eat breakfast first. It wakes me up and fuels me for my first practice.

7:30 a.m. – It’s time to hit the water for a two-hour pool workout. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I’ll start a little earlier to lead a spinning class with the USC college team.

9:30 a.m. – Hop out of the pool and use my break to run errands, rest and refuel!

2 p.m. to 4 p.m. – Time for a supplemental workout, which is either a session with my trainer doing body weight exercises, TRX suspension exercises, plyometrics or an additional pool workout. My third workout also happens in this time block. For this one, I like to incorporate Pilates and yoga into my routine at least three times a week. Pilates is great for toning smaller muscles I don’t get a chance to work on regularly and yoga is my time to work on breathing, strengthening my muscles, stretching and relaxing my mind. I also take my dog for a walk every day when I get home. Some people may not consider this exercise, but I think it’s a great way to recover from all the workouts I’ve done earlier in the day.

6:30 p.m. – I cook a healthy dinner and wind down so I can get to sleep by 10 p.m. Then it’s back at it for another day of workouts!

Read more to get Soni’s spinning playlist!

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