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Natalie Uhling’s NUFit Workout Takes the NYC Fitness Scene by Storm

Written on January 30, 2014 at 4:09 pm , by

Courtesy of natalieuhlingfitness.com

Courtesy of natalieuhlingfitness.com

Written by Alena Hall, editorial intern

You may remember Natalie Uhling from her days as an enthusiastic trainer at Barry’s Boot Camp or even recognize her from those strong and sexy ads for Under Armour Women. She has sweated her way through New York City’s fitness scene throughout the last decade, and at the age of 29, we think it’s safe to say that she’s officially made it to the top.

Last fall this fitness instructor decided to channel her entrepreneurial spirit and endless drive into designing a killer workout program of her own. The result, called NUFit, combines dance cardio, kickboxing and toning in one high-intensity, music-blasting class for a workout that makes you feel nothing shy of empowered. Embodying Uhling’s fit philosophy, “a strong core makes you lethal,” NUFit will push you to new heights you never imagined possible. Not to mention her contagious energy will keep you motivated and moving down the last second!

KiwiSweat, a fitness company dedicated to discovering the newest and most exciting ways to work out, named Uhling’s NUFit workout the winner of their “Coolest, Most Awesomest Workout Ever” contest Wednesday. Judged by FITNESS’ very own fitness editor Jenna Autuori-Dedic, Well+Good editorial director Melisse Gelula, MizzFit founder Bianca Jade and celebrity trainer Lacey Stone, the contest sorted through dozens of kickass entries from the industry’s top trainers in search of the hottest new class in town.

Dare to give NUFit a try? Join Uhling and her Under Armour teammates this weekend at Grand Central Terminal for the biggest fitness party the Super Bowl has ever seen! Check out the sweat-filled schedule for details on when NUFit classes will be held.  You can also find Uhling teaching NUFit at Pearl Studios at various times throughout the week.

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2 Yoga Moves For Type A Personalities

Written on April 18, 2013 at 9:09 am , by

Some runners, spinners and bootcamp devotees skip yoga classes thinking they’d be bored by the slow pace and not challenged enough by the practice. Luckily, as yoga grows in popularity, a wider variety of styles is offered. And if you’re willing to try some new things, it is possible to find a omm-azing fit, even if you’re not the most zen.

On our quest to find the most unique classes around, we discovered the class for type As: Yoga Bootcamp. This variety includes a mix of flowing poses and muscle-building strength moves performed at a heart-pumping pace. In our class, a top 40 playlist kept the pace moving at a fast clip…until the final five minutes. Then, the instructor (and triathlete) Lindsey Opp of PowHer Fitness, says, “The most difficult part of the class begins.” In other words, the time you lie still in corpse pose and clear your brain to focus on your breath might be even more of a challenge than the super-sculpting moves. Yup, there is a yoga class for us all…even those who have slowing down.

Try this style yourself at home with two moves from the bootcamp:

Spiderman Push-ups

  • Start in plank position, with abs tight, body in a straight diagonal line from shoulders to heels and hands under shoulders.
  • Slowly lower down in a triceps push-up, keeping elbows near ribcage. As you lower, bring right knee out to the side and forward to meet right elbow (see picture).
  • Push back up to starting position and place right leg back behind to meet left.
  • Switch sides and repeat. Try to complete 5 reps per side.

Wall Walks

  • Begin with feet about two feet in front of an empty wall. Bend down and place hands at shoulder-width, about one foot on front of toes (A).
  • Place most of body weight on hands and carefully place one foot low on the wall while the other remains on the floor.
  • Step other foot up on the wall and alternate stepping legs higher, until legs are fully extended (B).
  • Hold handstand position for five seconds, then walk feet back down the wall until you can step back to the starting position.
  • Repeat, stepping first with the opposite leg.

Face of FITNESS Finalist Spotlight: Melanie Millan

Written on November 15, 2011 at 3:07 pm , by

Exercising early in the day keeps Melanie on track. (Photo by Amy Postle)

You’ve met personal trainer/physical therapist Maria and dance queen Jordan, now learn more about a.m. all-star Melanie. While many are just beginning their casino games on the Strip in her hometown, Melanie is jumping out of bed for an al fresco exercise session!

Melanie Millan, Las Vegas

After Melanie, 29, was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity in August, she has completely overhauled her diet. Now she sleeps better, her complexion is brighter and she has plenty of energy for her evening kickball league.

Morning motivation “During the week, I get up at 5 a.m. for bootcamp on the Las Vegas Strip. We run stairs in parking garages, sprint the sidewalks and do strength moves like push-ups and squats. It inspires me to eat well all day so I don’t undo my hard work.”

Most embarrassing workout song “Anything by Justin Bieber!”

My aha moment “Three years ago, I saw a picture of myself 20 pounds heavier. It made me sad—why wasn’t I taking care of myself? The next day my friend and I made a pact to exercise at least three days a week and eat healthier.”

Meet The Trainer: Barry’s Bootcamp’s Natalie Uhling

Written on November 10, 2011 at 1:21 pm , by

Meet trainer Natalie Uhling! (Photo by Denise Crew)

I’m really excited to introduce to you one of my favorite new trainers in the city. I met Natalie when she came by the office to model for a fitness story—her energy was so upbeat and contagious, not to mention she had a killer body, so I had to know more about her. Turns out, this model is definitely more than just a pretty face: She’s one of the most popular instructors at Barry’s Bootcamp here in New York City and a Pilates teacher at the just-opened SLT Studio we told you about last week. I’m sure she’s got more tricks up her sleeve and I’d love to one day see her working it out on a show like The Biggest Loser (watch out NBC!). Inspiring, fit, strong and healthy, this trainer has it all.

Read on to find out more about our November/December 2011 Express Workout trainer.

I’m writing a movie about your life, tell me the plot.

It involves a young girl chasing her dreams from Idaho to the big city of New York! She gets the chance to move as a junior in college from The University of Nebraska to the Fashion Institute of New York. This is where she realizes that fashion is amazing but fitness is really where her heart and passion belong. She graduates and works for Ralph Lauren while still making time to soak up her fitness classes. While at Ralph Lauren, she dreams of becoming a fitness professional and creating her own method. She finally makes the jump and her whole life changes. Things fall into place and all of her dreams start coming true.

And it looks like you’ve made it! Tell me about the NYC fitness modeling work? It really fell into my lap. A friend of mine was casting for Under Armour and told me to swing by. I went not knowing what to expect and I booked the job! From that moment I signed with Wilhelmina Models and things really started to take off. It has been such an amazing experience because I get to workout on the shoots and there is nothing better than that!

What do you consider to be the greatest accomplishment in your career so far?

Believing in myself and taking the leap of faith from my corporate job into a full time fitness professional. It was so scary but totally worth it!

How did you end up at Barry’s Bootcamp and what do you love most about your job?

A good friend of mine, Keoni, took me to meet the owner of Barry’s and I feel in love with the format. After seeing the space and feeling the energy around the workout style, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. I love the personal interaction I get with my clients. Since the space is small, it allows me to get to know everyone. It is like family there and plus the workout works! I love seeing the changes in people’s bodies.

For Uhling’s exercise of choice and her top three workout songs, Read more

Grand Opening: Barry’s Bootcamp in NYC—Free Classes & Discounts NOW!

Written on June 1, 2011 at 11:59 am , by

Straight from the West Coast comes Barry’s Bootcamp, a popular and celebrity-followed workout trend that’s sure to scorch some major calories off our East Coast behinds. (Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears are fans.) Described as not-your-average bootcamp class, each one-hour session takes place in a nightclub party environment (how much do I love this kind of stuff?). Some classes are split into 30-minutes of high-intensity cardio workouts and 30-minutes of free weight and equipment strength-training routines. Have a shorter attention span? Others fuse together four 15-minute segments, or even keep you moving between the treadmill for cardio and floor free-weight workouts every five minutes. That sounds intense—and majorly results-driven—to me. I’m sooo in. Word on the street is that you can burn 1,000 calories in an hour of Barry’s Bootcamp. Let’s see how close to true that is!

Barry's Bootcamp NYC studio! Looks like fun!

Barry's Bootcamp NYC studio. Looks like fun! (Photo courtesy of Barry's Bootcamp)

I’m signed up for a Saturday afternoon class in their new, hip Chelsea location here in New York City. Is anyone with me? If so, jump on this bandwagon now! The weekend-long event includes free classes and DJs spinning live—what’s more exciting than loud music and lots of pumped up personalities that want to help you get in top-notch shape? (I’ll take some pictures and show you after class via Twitter—@FITNESSjenna!)

And if you register for classes at the NYC location online today through Sunday, June 5th, you’ll receive 25% off. You only have a few more days, so hurry up and stock up on classes—this is a great deal! Enter promo code “VIPNYC” after you’ve gone through the online ordering process at www.barrysbootcamp.com —and then let me know your thoughts after you take your first class.

I’m excited to test this out and I hope to see you there!

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