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boarding for breast cancer

Meet Beefy the Bulldog, Skateboarding for a Good Cause

Written on October 17, 2012 at 9:20 am , by

Beefy the Bulldog Skates Against Breast Cancer (How can you say no to this?)

From running on pink treadmills to collecting pink lids, there’s a  variety of ways to help raise money for breast cancer research and awareness this month. But the most adorable fighter against the disease has got to be Beefy the Bulldog. This skateboarding pup has been traveling around the country with Boarding for Breast Cancer, a nonprofit that aims to educate young people about breast cancer and advocates for self-exams and an active lifestyle.

Erin Clemens, Beefy’s owner, was diagnosed with breast cancer at 25 and has since worked to raise money and awareness about breast cancer. “That was the least of my worries when I was 25,” says Clemens, who found a lump when she accidentally scratched herself. “I didn’t even fathom that I’d have breast cancer. My advice to young women would be to do breast self exams like it’s brushing your teeth. Just do it once a month even when you’re young so you know how they feel if there’s a difference. You should know your body.” Read more