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blood donation

Model Niki Taylor’s Giving Quest for National Blood Donor Day

Written on June 14, 2012 at 9:18 am , by

Taylor is showing off a '50s look, fitting for the "Giving Blood is Timeless" theme. (Photo courtesy of Nexcare Brand)

In 2001, model Niki Taylor was involved in a car accident so severe, “it tore my liver in half.” While doctors stitched her up and she recovered, Taylor needed more than 100 units of blood. “I owe my life to blood donors,” she now says, which is why Taylor is returning for her second year as a Nexcare Give ambassador—to thank donors and inspire others to give.

In honor of National Blood Donor Day today, here are five ways to stay healthy and happy like the TV host (check out Having it All on WE), model and mom of three.

  • Lace up your sneakers. “I wake up at 4:50 a.m. every other morning to get out the door by 5 for a 40-minute jog. It’s nice and cool then and no one else is out. I always have more energy first thing!”
  • Eat smart, but enjoy splurges. “Our family tries to eat very clean and healthy, but we’re in the middle of moving so last night we ordered pizza! My husband and I made sure to have salad too.”
  • Invest in a good pair of jeans. “Everything is in style, it’s just about your personal fashion picks. For me, jeans are a staple and I usually pair them with a cute blouse.”
  • Don’t let the haters get you down. “A long time ago, I decided to not get easily offended. As a model, you have to move past the, ‘Oh my gosh—what do they think of me?’ stage quickly when you’re posing. Everybody has insecurities, but you have to try to focus on what makes you happy while not worrying about what others think, write or say about you.”
  • Help others. “It’s why we’re here on earth! We go through difficult things in our lives, and while doing so, we learn to help others struggling with the same things. I always tell people that things may be bad, but they can get better. My recovery is proof of that!”

Visit nexcaregive.com to learn more about the “Giving Blood is Timeless” campaign, in partnership with The American Red Cross and America’s Blood Centers. On the site, you can pledge to donate and receive free samples of the fun decade-themed bandages.

Nexcare’s Give Program Aims to Inspire Blood Donors

Written on June 14, 2011 at 10:10 am , by

(Photo courtesy of Nexcare)

Heal in style! (Photo courtesy of Nexcare)

Did you know that fewer than 10 percent of those who are eligible to donate blood actually do so on a yearly basis? And during the summer months, many blood centers experiences shortages, as people go on vacation or are distracted by fun activities like spending time poolside! So there’s no better time than the present to help save three lives with your one donation.

Need some extra motivation? Check out these fast facts about giving blood, from the American Red Cross:

  • A car accident victim may need up to 100 pints of blood
  • Every two seconds, another American will need blood
  • One person can donate whole blood six times each year

World Blood Donor Day, which is honored today, celebrates donors and aims to inspire others to give as well. The bandage company Nexcare is getting involved this year by teaming up with the American Red Cross for their third annual give program. Throughout this week, America’s Blood Centers and the Red Cross will hand out stylin’ give bandages (see above).

Nexcare has also launched a Facebook page to help potential donors find their nearest place to give blood. Another neat feature? You can share why you donate and sign a pledge to do so again. Then tell your friends to support your pledge—the company will make a charitable donation in the name of the top five vote-getters!

Now tell us: Are you a blood donor? If so, what motivates you to do so?