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Buy A Pair of ASICS to Support Pediatric Cancer Research

Written on September 2, 2014 at 10:16 am , by

Nothing makes our fit-girl hearts skip more than seeing some of our favorite athletic-wear brands support really great causes. Case in point: We practically ran to the ASICS store and kicked off our old sneaks as soon as we found out the company would be teaming up with Cookies for Kids’ Cancer for the second time. It’s a nonprofit organization that raises money to support research on pediatric cancer, the number-one disease killer among U.S. children.



ASICS created an exclusive, limited-edition collection for the cause and will donate $10 for each pair of shoes sold (aren’t they gorgeous?!), $2 for each clothing item and $1 for each accessory. But regardless of how many items are sold, ASICS has promised to donate at least $100,000 to the organization. Buy ‘em while you can, though, because they sold out in just three days last year!

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Can You Run As Fast As Top Marathoner Ryan Hall?

Written on October 31, 2013 at 5:07 pm , by

This guy is the definition of fast. How long can you keep up with him? (Photo courtesy of Asics)

You’ve heard it before: when you want to run faster, it helps to hit the pavement with faster friends. Not only will you be motivated to pump up the pace, but you can gab about which pro runner you want to see break the finisher’s tape first.

But what if you had the chance to do more than talk about that runner, but actually feel what it’s like to run at their level – you know, without taking any crazy speed-boosting drugs? Consider it done, thanks to Asics and their latest challenge to New Yorkers. With the ING New York City Marathon set for its big return this Sunday, after being canceled last year due to Superstorm Sandy, the big sneaker brand wants runners to “Better Their Best” with the opportunity to step into top marathoner Ryan Hall’s sneaks – well, sort of. Instead of actually wearing his shoes (um, gross – there are some things we don’t like to share), you’ll hop on a one-of-a kind treadmill that’s set to one speed, and one speed only: 12.6. That’s the equivalent of Hall’s 4:46-mile pace, and we think you can keep up. But don’t worry – you’re strapped to a harness, juuust in case.

The best part of this “Run with Ryan” experiment? The treadmill is on a truck, meaning it’s traveling throughout the city. So if you haven’t seen it in your hood yet, keep those eyes peeled and sneakers laced. Still need incentive to hop on? For every minute logged on the treadmill between now and November 2nd, Asics will donate $5 (up to $26,200) to the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City in support of public programs focused on youth development.

Now that we’ve got you feeling the need for speed, check out the times and locations below to find the closest area the treadmill will be traveling to. We recommend running there as your pre-sprint warm-up:

  • October 31 (until 9pm): Time Warner Center, S/S 60th St. and Broadway
  • November 1: Asics Bryant Park Store, 5th and 42nd St.
  • November 2: Central Park, N/S 58th St. and 7th Ave

For an extra boost of confidence, watch this video to see how other New Yorkers fared in the challenge.


Now you tell us: How long do you think you could keep up with Ryan?


Last Year’s ING Top American, Molly Pritz, Returns to NYC

Written on November 2, 2012 at 3:44 pm , by

“Although running is an individual sport, the support of others is the only way I could continue to pursue my dreams,” said Molly. (Photo courtesy of ASICS)

A year ago, Molly Pritz was the top American female runner to cross the ING New York City Marathon’s Central Park finish line, making a remarkable marathon debut with a time of 2:31:52. Molly, an ASICS elite, will be back this Sunday hoping to repeat her success in the Big Apple after battling an injury and moving across the country for better health and fitness resources. We talked with Molly about her training (she logs around 110 miles a week!) and found out the 24-year-old’s future running plans. Here’s what she had to say:

What went through your head last year as you crossed the finish line?
My blood sugar was so low for the final few miles, I honestly could not figure out how many miles I had left at mile 24. This left me unsure if I had even crossed the finish line when I did! Luckily, a nice volunteer informed me that I crossed the finish line and my immediate reaction was pure euphoria. The adrenaline and “runner’s high” going through my body after that was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I knew, immediately, that I was going to do everything I could to run the ING NYC Marathon again the following year.

What have you been doing to prepare and improve, compared to the past?
I went into last year’s marathon segment coming off of a stress fracture that left me with a short eight weeks to build back my mileage and regain my strength. Consistency with training is the key to increased fitness, so this time around I vowed to do everything I could to stay healthy. I moved from Michigan to Boulder, Colorado in order to have better resources for therapy to keep me healthy. I have also ensured that I am hitting hard workouts, but never making any week so hard that it puts my body over the edge. My training is very similar to last year, with a few longer tempos, but the paces are much faster even though I’m at altitude rather than sea level. For me, it is very exciting to track and compare my fitness level and workouts to other segments so I can see my hard work pay off. Keeping a training log has worked wonders for my motivation.

Besides running, what else does your training include?
I vowed to do strength and flexibility training three times a week to keep my body healthy and able to handle the high mileage and intensity needed to run a solid marathon. Full body strength training, not just core work, is essential to keeping me healthy and my stride powerful through those long tempos. Vinyasa yoga has also facilitated my recovery from hard sessions by bringing my body back in balance. Read more

ASICS Elite Julie Culley Takes On Her First Marathon

Written on October 24, 2012 at 4:31 pm , by

Julie counts on a specific race day playlist to get her in the right frame of mind, ranging from U2 to Jay-Z. (Photo courtesy of ASICS)

In less than two weeks, spectators will line the Big Apple’s streets across all five boroughs to watch professional athletes and running enthusiasts, alike, pound the ING New York City Marathon pavement. Among this year’s ASICS elite lineup is U.S. Track & Field member Julie Culley, who placed first in the 2012 5,000m Olympic Trials. Julie has switched gears since returning from London, preparing to make her marathon debut by racking up around 95 miles a week. We discussed the upcoming race with the speedy 31-year-old, who shared running tips, her go-to grub and more. Here’s what Julie had to say:

What does your typical marathon training week look like?
A typical training week includes 90 to 95 miles in six days with either a rest day or a cross-training day on the seventh. I typically do two harder effort workouts either on grass, roads, track or dirt trail depending on the day’s assignment. I have a strength coach and hit the gym at least twice a week and also have a number of corrective exercises I do at least five days a week. I do a full dynamic warm-up of drills and openers at least two to three times a week and try to rest as much as possible between each session. Naps are a necessity, as well as weekly chiropractic treatment and massage!

Do you have any race day rituals to get you in the zone?
I usually start the morning with a shake-out run along with a hearty breakfast of oatmeal, cereal or a gluten-free bread of sorts along with some juice, lots of water and usually two cups of coffee. If I can get my hands on some espresso, that is a plus! I typically braid or twist my hair with a number of pins and always top it off with a headband to match my uniform. My race day playlist is pretty specific. There are a few songs that get me in the right frame of mind ranging from U2 to Jay-Z.

Do you carbo-load the night before a race?
I’m not normally fixated on carbo-loading as much as having a well-balanced meal including meat and lots of vegetables. I usually always have a glass of wine the night before a race to help me relax, unwind and sleep. My favorite pre-race meal is gluten-free pizza!

Do you have any tips for runners looking to increase their mileage?
Take it slow! I’ve only increased my mileage by 15 miles a week from the 5K to the marathon. More importantly is getting the quality workouts and quality long runs in the books. Doing too much too quickly can lead to injury. You have to get to the starting line healthy!

Favorite running apparel item?
Accessories! I love accessorizing my running outfits with headbands, hats, colorful socks, cute bags, etc. ASICS has some great accessory items out to match some of the beautiful fall and winter colored apparel items on the shelves!

For more information on the New York Road Runners’ premiere event, check out their website and be sure to check in and cheer on Julie as she crosses her first marathon off the bucket list!