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are we there yet

Actress Keesha Sharp, Star of “Are We There Yet?” Talks About Health

Written on September 17, 2012 at 4:20 pm , by

Keesha gets sassy on the set of Are We There Yet. (Photo courtesy of Eric Liebowitz)

Written by Deanna Cioppa, editorial intern

For most of Hollywood, taking care of your body is part of your job as an on-screen presence. For Keesha Sharp, it’s a passion and a calling. Sharp stars as Gigi, a serial dater offering insights from the singles’ scene in the TV series Are We There Yet, which is based on the 2005 film of the same name and launches today in syndication. When not entertaining us on the small screen, Sharp runs her own health and wellness site, Fishers of Health, which tackles everything from natural makeup and skincare to nutrition, fitness and spirituality.

“My goal is to inform people about their health,” Sharp says. “To be the best you can be, you need to be healthy.” And that includes mental and physical health, she notes. A voracious reader and researcher when it comes to health topics, Sharp often buys multiple copies of books she likes to give away to family and friends.

We sat down with this health-conscious actress to find out more about Fishers of Health and what she does to keep her health in tip-top shape.

There’s a lot of research on the Fishers of Health website. Do you do all the research yourself?

I do! I’ve considered becoming a certified nutritionist, too. Not necessarily to follow it as a career path, but more so because people know you’re qualified to give them advice when they see your credentials.

What topics interest you most? 

I want to venture out to both sides of Eastern and Western medicine. I don’t think you have to immediately go to Western medicine practices first; there are alternatives you can try if you’d like. More so than anything, though, I think changing your diet can improve or change your health.

How do you avoid fads?

I read a lot. There are different ways to approach health and you have to decide what works for you. For me, I use organic products whenever possible and limit my meat intake.

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