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abs workout

5 Crunch-Free Moves for Bikini-Ready Abs

Written on June 20, 2012 at 8:29 am , by

Today is officially the first day of the most belly-baring season: summer! While we may be tempted to chill out by the pool with a tasty drink, it’s not the time to slack off on staying fit and strong (but when is?). We asked Jill Miller, trainer and creator of the new Coregeous workout DVD, to share five of her favorite, unique moves that tone the midsection.

Add them to your routine this week and hit the beach with confidence all summer long!

Magician’s Assistant on a Ledge

  1. Place your right hip on a brick and right elbow on the ground.
  2. Engage your side-waist muscles to raise your legs to hover four to six inches above the ground. (Make sure that your shoulders, pelvis and ankles line up with each other, and that the two legs remain glued together.)
  3. Sustain the position while breathing deeply for one full minute, then switch sides and repeat.

WHY? “This exercise targets the internal and external oblique layers and a deep low back muscle,” Miller explains. “You will feel this one tomorrow!”

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Sculpt Bikini-Ready Abs with FITNESS and YogaWorks!

Written on March 27, 2012 at 4:11 pm , by

Yes, that's Chelsey modeling the moves in our April issue! (Photo by Alex Palombo)

Unless you didn’t get the memo from the nearly-nationwide heat wave last week, it’s go time for getting flat, bikini abs. To the rescue: FITNESS is sharing the latest core science and lab-tested exercises in part three of our Body Lab series in the April issue (on newsstands now). And talk about total tummy transformations! Testers who did the workout three times a week and followed the 1,500-calorie-a-day diet lost up to three inches from their waistlines in four weeks!

Not only can you try the workout in the magazine, but you can also do it with the creator—and model—herself, instructor Chelsey Korus at YogaWorks studios in New York City. If you’ve read the article already, you know that it’s Korus’s perfectly chiseled six-pack which is featured throughout it. And the workout is definitely getting buzz—Korus tells us that a friend even spotted a copy of the April FITNESS at Barnes and Noble with her “Core Knowledge” story torn out. “I consider that the highest form of flattery,” she says.

Korus is now infusing each of her classes at YogaWorks in New York City with the ab moves, and is already seeing a difference in her students. “They’re asking for the tolasana [see photo above] in class so they can show me their progress!” If you’re in the NYC area, find her YogaWorks schedule here and take the challenge yourself. You can also sign up for the complete Flat Abs Fast plan at fitnessmagazine.com/core.