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Accessorize at Your Own Risk for Shark Week

Written on August 9, 2013 at 1:53 pm , by

Obsession is an understatement when it comes to Shark Week. We wait all summer long for a week full of nail biting deep sea adventures, views from the shark cam and gruesome attacks. If it were up to us, every week would be #SharkWeek! Sadly though, we’ll soon have to bid adieu to Jaws and Bruce for another year, and hope that we’ll be able to hop onto our paddle boards and get back in the open water without running into any unwanted fins. Eek!

In case you’re crazy about sharks, too, and need a fix after all of the hype settles down, we rounded up some of our favorite shark-themed accessories. Accessorize at your own risk:

Society 6 Shark Attack iPhone Case ($35, society6.com)

Vanessa Mooney Shark Tooth Ring ($35, vanessamooney.com)

Billabong Sweettooth Cap ($24, billabong.com)

Finn Jewelry Baby Mako Tooth Necklace ($1,350, finnjewelry.com)

Toms Discovery Shark Camo Shoes ($79, toms.com)

Summer Sunglasses: Editor Tested, Fashion Approved

Written on July 2, 2013 at 11:49 am , by

Breezy running shorts, check! Rockin’ playlist, check! Sunscreen, check! Sunglasses, err, check?

How do you protect your eyes?

Sunglasses are a summer staple, but when it comes to hitting the pavement and logging miles, my shades usually stay tucked away at home. Throwing a baseball cap on before a run is enough shade for my squints, but for other FITNESS staffers, eyewear is a huge part of their summer workout wardrobe. The only problem…finding the perfect fit!

Enter Under Armour. We’ve known about the company, well, forever, but we just got acquainted with the eyewear line. With a wide range of  styles, there’s something for every athlete (in true Under Armour fashion), and of course for every fashion-forward diva like yours truly (I’m loving this pair for my days at the beach!). When put to the test by our trusty editors, these suckers performed. And well.

Our super-runner Editorial Assistant, Lauren, fell in love with the sleek look, and cool-colored lenses of the Igniter. “The blue lenses cut the glare from the sun for a no squint, headache-free run!” Bonus: mirrored lenses are a huge fashion trend this summer, so Lauren definitely achieves the fashion-forward flair she craves while running the streets of her hood.

For our Web Editor, Colleen, finding an adjustable and cushy nose piece is key, and the Zone II has the perfect no-slip grip. “They stayed put without any sliding around on a very sticky, humid morning,” she notes. “That says something because I was extremely sweaty!” Another cool feature that similar styles, like the Core Switch and the Core, have: adjustable temple cushions, which creates a more personalized and comfortable wearing experience.

While testing her pair out one sunny weekend, Assistant Web Editor, Samantha, realized she could use these shades (she tried the Igniter II in a black/red combo) for more than one activity. “I used my sunglasses all weekend while volunteering at Relay for Life, went for a run in them, and am excited to wear these on long bike rides this summer! I never felt like I had to squint, even at high noon, and of course, I looked cute!”  Having a pair of multi-function sunglasses makes for easy packing when taking a weekend trip or long vacation. One pair and you’re good to go!

For more styles and information be sure to check out underarmour.com.

Roxy Pros Reveal How You, Too, Can Rock The Waves and Teeny Bikinis

Written on May 7, 2013 at 9:17 am , by

When asked her favorite surfing destination, Monyca gushed about Mexico’s fun waves but as far as culture goes, she said, “I think Bali is really rad.” (Photo courtesy of ROXY)

“Follow your heart and dare!” The DVF Loves Roxy Spring 2013 line’s motto perfectly describes the collaboration’s bold prints and playful silhouettes. In celebration of this laid-back but confident surfer sprit, Roxy pros Kelia Moniz and Monyca Byrne-Wickey flaunted the new bikinis for the camera after lending a hand in the design process. We sat down with the two gals to hear about their recent epic ride. Read on to learn about Kelia and Monyca’s swimsuit requirements, bikini-friendly diet and why fitness is not just a passion, but their lifestyle. 

How did you two get into surfing?

KM: My dad was a professional surfer, so it was in the family. We were raised going to the beach—pretty much on the beach. My mom homeschooled us so surfing was a big part of my life. Every day after school (and during school!) we’d go to the beach and surf. And I have four brothers—it was something we did for fun. Being in Hawaii, there’s not much to do so the beach is pretty much our playground.
MBW: I grew up in a really small town—like literally two general stores, one gas station. There’s not a ton of stuff to do and so the beach is kind of like our playground. That’s where everybody goes after school to have fun. My family didn’t really surf. My sister surfed a bit, but I mostly learned from my two best friends growing up…they’re all boys and boys usually pick up surfing a lot easier than girls do so I always was trying to be as good as them and keep up. They’d really push me.

What do you look for when searching for the perfect suit?

MBW: Comfort is very important, especially in the water because you need something that’s tight to stay on, but at the same time you don’t want it digging into your neck or imprinting on your sides. You want it to stay on so a cross-back top is always really good. Something that’s not adjustable here [points to rib cage] so you’re not flying open. As far as bottoms go, I prefer regular—no ties or anything like that—because a lot of times you’re standing up on your board and you could get them caught on your hand…I want something that’s functional, comfortable and also looks cute on the beach. So if you’re going to the beach, the waves aren’t looking good and you decide you’re not going out, you’re still going to be really cute. And just as cute as all the other girls who aren’t surfing. I also prefer a smaller bottom just because I think it’s more flattering and you don’t get as crazy tan lines.

Do you draw your color/pattern inspiration from Hawaii or other places you visit during competition?

MBW: Sort of. I feel like there are some places we go that there’s definitely more of a style that we don’t see at home in Hawaii. In Australia, all the girls wear structured tops, like mostly bra tops and florescent colors. I do like a bra top, but I feel like for surfing, if you’re going to be out there for hours it can get really uncomfortable. It’s super cute; I still love it. I prefer pastels, florals and solids mostly. All the girls we travel with and all the girls on our team completely enjoy a different thing and the great thing is we’re all with Roxy and they have such a wide array of all that—there’s a print for everybody, there’s a style for everybody and there’s a color for everybody.
KM: [Monyca] loves, just like she said, a cross-back and I love triangle adjustable tops. I love tie sides.
MBW: And we’re super different surfers. I ride a short board and she rides a long board so she could even get away with wearing a bandeau because it’s not as rough.
KM: I’m above the water most of the time and I’m not duck diving where my top’s going to come off so I wear bandeaus all the time, especially to stay away from tan lines. Read more

Win an Exclusive Half-Marathon Necklace!

Written on April 10, 2013 at 2:17 pm , by

Erica Sara Designs Necklace

A feminine way to celebrate your half-marathon accomplishment, this exclusive necklace is by Erica Sara Designs.

Bling it on!

In celebration of our 10th annual More/FITNESS Women’s Half-Marathon this Sunday, three lucky readers will each score an exclusive, sterling silver necklace from Erica Sara Designs!

You can enter to win between now through next Tuesday. Don’t want to wait to see if you won? Pop on over to the ESD site and use the code FITNESSHALF to purchase this fabulous necklace for 20 percent off.

Enter to win here and good luck!

 Official rules

The Boys of Summer

Written on April 9, 2013 at 10:00 am , by

(Photo courtesy of fahertybrand.com)

It’s that time of year in NYC when everyone is restless and so over winter. We’re all chomping at the bit for warmer weather. I’m not gonna lie—I’m a total beach bum. The last week I’ve been working on swimsuits for our July/August cover shoot, strategizing over what cool sporty bikini will look best on our cover girl. But yesterday when the temperature hit that 70* mark I was ready to start thinking about what I’d like to be wearing on the beach in Miami while I stand behind the scenes of the Fitness cover shoot. It’s an easy answer after my meeting with the Faherty twins. They just launched a brand of swimsuits that is everything I love: surf-inspired, in yummy mixable prints, that give killer coverage for an active girl (running back and forth between wardrobe changes requires a suit that keeps my girls put!). I should also mention that the brand offers the softest swimsuit fabrics I’ve come across so far.

So this morning before getting to work I went on fahertybrand.com and ordered my swimsuit for next week (this top, and this bottom..how cute?). I’m so ready for Miami—now I just have to wait for the Faherty’s to launch their T-shirts and rompers!

Stronger Girls Make A Stronger World

Written on April 3, 2013 at 9:06 am , by

As we fit gals know, there are few things more powerful than a good sweat. The adrenaline rush, tight-knit team camaraderie and sense of accomplishment athletics provide can turn any negative into a glowing positive. It is for this reason that we give the new bag brand Activyst a big thumbs up for their mission to support girls’ sports programs worldwide. With a belief that active girls are a catalyst for change, every sale makes a difference in their partner-focused funding. The adorable vibrant colored bags are made of durable, waterproof macen, a popular material used in the brand’s Nicaragua birthplace. Tote your sneaks, yoga mat and change of clothes in style, while giving girls the opportunity to blossom into strong, active women. Here’s to jocks supporting future exercise junkies!

To buy a bag of your own and learn more about using sports as the solution, check out Activyst’s website.

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Crowning Achievements for Married Women

Written on January 22, 2013 at 4:42 pm , by

Raquel Riley Thomas Family

Raquel with her family. “I will do yoga and Zumba if I had a challenging day. My children join me, so I get a great workout and bonding time with my girls. It’s a win for all of us!” Photo by Roy Cox Photography.

Glamorous gowns, toned bodies, and serious accomplishments. No, we’re not talking about Hollywood’s awards season—we’re talking about pageant season, people! Why you should care: Based on the 2,000+ entries we received for our 2012 Face of Fitness Contest that required essays about your accomplishments, some of you married ladies very well could be contenders for a crown someday.

Curious about the Mrs. America pageant, we chatted it up with Raquel Riley Thomas, a stunning military officer turned pageant queen. Not only is she the Executive Producer/Director for the Mrs. DC America pageant, a preliminary qualifier for Mrs. America, but she is also Mrs. Maryland America 2010-11 and Mrs. American (1st RU) 2010-11. Her accolades would take up this entire post, so we’ll have to skip right to her insights about competing.

On the difference between Miss America and Mrs. America:

The Mrs. DC team likes to say, “Marriage has never looked so good,” but just like the unmarried-girls version, this is not a beauty pageant. It’s a whole package deal. The difference is that instead of a med student standing to your left, she’s a doctor now. And on your right is an attorney. Mrs. America is like the Superbowl of married women.

On competing at the state level:

I can’t speak for the other states, but the reputation of the women in Mrs. DC are that they are the crème de la crème. Not only are they very fit, but they are accomplished in their fields and honorable about their causes. We even have a diplomat in this year’s competition!

On her experience of going from military boots to bikinis:

I love the glitz and glamour, but the service to the community is still there. I just get to do it in heels and beautiful outfits now! Running the Mrs. DC pageant gives me the chance to put a spotlight on some amazing women and say, ‘Thank you for all the hard work you do for the community.”

On her fitness advice for potential competitors:

You have to be really disciplined. Once you have the fitness down, everything else falls into place.

So get to it, readers! We want to throw some roses at you.

A Day with Lole: Get Inspired

Written on January 18, 2013 at 5:15 pm , by

The best part of my job is visiting the different active brands and seeing what they have up their sleeve for upcoming seasons. I recently spent some time with the team at Lole. Aside from their awesome leggings and funky jackets, they have managed to build a community of empowered and inspiring women. We are all on a journey, staying fit and looking chic is the fun part. The hard part is taking that first step, making the choice to get healthy and to be active. But seriously, with so many fun active lifestyle brands out there, most of the time I work out just to sport the cute clothes. I shared my story of shedding sixty pounds with Lole,  and you can check it out here for some inspiration, and a chance to win an Lole sweater! Sporting the latest styles is my shallow motivation for staying fit.

Tell us: What keeps you motivated?

Get Out There With Roxy’s New Outdoor Collection

Written on January 18, 2013 at 1:00 pm , by

If you need extra incentive to peel yourself off the couch this winter, Roxy’s new Outdoor Fitness Collection may just do it. The company just launched a line of apparel and accessories that mix fun, fashion and of course, fitness. With technical features like UV protection, sweat wicking fabric , zone mesh ventilation and four-way stretch, the line provides cute and functional workout gear that you’ll want to get moving in.

Check out some of our picks below.

The Dawn Run Tee in Sunrise has breathable fabric and thumbholes for comfort. Plus, the color makes us look forward to summer! ($58, roxy.com)


Bring the beach with you wherever you go with this fun workout tank that looks good even after your sweat session. ($44, roxy.com)

Don’t let wind or rain stop you from going for a run. Suit up in the Atmosphere Jacket. ($88, roxy.com)

A New Way to Mix Fitness and Fashion

Written on January 9, 2013 at 4:11 pm , by

Free Choos! Need we say more? (Photo courtesy Carbon38)

For the gal who wants to look good at the gym (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t fall into this category?) there’s a new site in town to do just the trick. Meet Carbon38, an online social platform that curates the newest trends and styles much like your favorite shopping sites, but specifically for fitness, wellness and health.

Launching January 14, each week carbon38.com will have hand-picked fitness products from your favorite trainer pros and celebrities on everything you love including apparel, accessories, vitamins and even fitness classes. You can buy it all right on the site, and keep coming back for the latest and greatest gear for your next gym session.

Can’t wait until January 14? Register now and enter Carbon38′s pre-launch giveaway for a chance to win a pair of Jimmy Choo sneakers, plus be one of the first with exclusive access to the site. If that doesn’t kick your resolutions into high gear, we don’t know what will.

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