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Music Monday: The Grammy Performances Rocked Our Socks

Written on February 11, 2013 at 3:35 pm , by

We know you’ve already gotten one workout playlist this week, but we just couldn’t resist pulling together another one after last night’s Grammy awards. With artists killing their performances one after the other, our ears were in heaven; our eyes weren’t unhappy either while watching Justin Timberlake bring sexy back with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys dominating on the drums with Maroon 5. If these tracks weren’t on your playlists already, be sure to download them immediately. If not, you’ll be missing out on some serious musical motivation.

Now you tell us: Did you watch the Grammy’s last night? What was your favorite performance?

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  • Allan Davis

    I thought it was pretty good (not the best one of recent years).  Justin Timberlake was just great, he’s reinvented himself with a more grown-up kinda jazzy sound.
    Funny thing about the Grammy’s is how they ignore harder Rock music.  Ever since I can remember they have acted like there is no hard Rock music, ignoring it and giving best rock award to some easy Rock band year after year.  The Black Keys are great but so much Rock to me.