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Crowning Achievements for Married Women

Written on January 22, 2013 at 4:42 pm , by

Raquel Riley Thomas Family

Raquel with her family. “I will do yoga and Zumba if I had a challenging day. My children join me, so I get a great workout and bonding time with my girls. It’s a win for all of us!” Photo by Roy Cox Photography.

Glamorous gowns, toned bodies, and serious accomplishments. No, we’re not talking about Hollywood’s awards season—we’re talking about pageant season, people! Why you should care: Based on the 2,000+ entries we received for our 2012 Face of Fitness Contest that required essays about your accomplishments, some of you married ladies very well could be contenders for a crown someday.

Curious about the Mrs. America pageant, we chatted it up with Raquel Riley Thomas, a stunning military officer turned pageant queen. Not only is she the Executive Producer/Director for the Mrs. DC America pageant, a preliminary qualifier for Mrs. America, but she is also Mrs. Maryland America 2010-11 and Mrs. American (1st RU) 2010-11. Her accolades would take up this entire post, so we’ll have to skip right to her insights about competing.

On the difference between Miss America and Mrs. America:

The Mrs. DC team likes to say, “Marriage has never looked so good,” but just like the unmarried-girls version, this is not a beauty pageant. It’s a whole package deal. The difference is that instead of a med student standing to your left, she’s a doctor now. And on your right is an attorney. Mrs. America is like the Superbowl of married women.

On competing at the state level:

I can’t speak for the other states, but the reputation of the women in Mrs. DC are that they are the crème de la crème. Not only are they very fit, but they are accomplished in their fields and honorable about their causes. We even have a diplomat in this year’s competition!

On her experience of going from military boots to bikinis:

I love the glitz and glamour, but the service to the community is still there. I just get to do it in heels and beautiful outfits now! Running the Mrs. DC pageant gives me the chance to put a spotlight on some amazing women and say, ‘Thank you for all the hard work you do for the community.”

On her fitness advice for potential competitors:

You have to be really disciplined. Once you have the fitness down, everything else falls into place.

So get to it, readers! We want to throw some roses at you.

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  • Guest

    I’m inspired! Definitely something to think about!

  • Guest

    Beautiful Family! Can’t wait to hear more from Raquel. She is an inspiration!

  • Brandye

    Married with children, accomplished, and fit!! This article makes me want to go get ready for try outs. Who wouldn’t want a “Super Bowl” ring? I’m ecstatic that there’s an avenue out there that shows that we married women are just as beautiful as our single counterparts. I’m inspired to get and hit the gym. Work and kids are not an excuse. -BT-

  • Amanda

    Awesome. Inspiring married women like me to continue to pursue and achieve our goals. Way to go, Raquel!

  • DD

    Mrs. Thomas definitely makes marriage look fabulous! The Mrs. America pageant not only celebrates the accomplishments of some very beautiful and amazing women, it celebrates marriage. It celebrates commitment! Great article!

  • Brigittevictoria

    What an inspiring article! So many achievements and what a great way to teach and motivate your children. Here’s to you! Fitness for Life!

  • Ebonytuff1

    Wow, What an inspiration. Such a beautiful family. This is my role model Raquel Riley Thomas.

  • Marie

    It’s wonderful that we have an organization like Mrs America that acknowledges the role of married women, on so many levels not just physical appearance. Marriage alone is an outstanding achievement, let alone a successful career, raising children and doing volunteer work. Kudos to Raquel and Mrs America organization to make this happening!

  • Mikell22

    What an amazing and inspiring woman, to be both a Veteran and beauty Queen is impressive indeed!!

  • SCBlynn

    Love this article – it is a great read to pep you up on a
    cold Monday morning and get you motivated for the week! Thanks to Raquel and the Mrs. DC America organization for
    speaking so eloquently, for celebrating married women, and for being so amazing!

  • Londee

    Raquel , thanks for this article, there are so many women out there believing that there is no platform for us after the marriage and the children ,staying fit or being of service in our communities. You are really setting a great example that with hard work and determination it can lead to great things. Please continue to Empower us Great Article!

  • Laurett

    Great article.  What a beautiful family!  Raquel’s Passion and expertise inspires us all.  Raquel is a great leader and I have seen that those with whom she works will go next level physically, personally and professionally. We are proud to have her representing and  promoting the Married America woman through the Mrs. America Organization. 

  • Tracyag1

    Raquel is a testament to the fact that YES you can have it all . . . be beautiful, have a wonderful marriage and family, be a successful businesswoman and give back to the community. Thank you for inspiring each of us to be better, and to recognize and applaud our fellow Mrs. for their amazing accomplishments!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sophianawab Sophia Marie Nawab

    <3 it

  • http://www.facebook.com/sophianawab Sophia Marie Nawab

    Raquel is such a motivating and dynamic force. She’s powerfully encouraging. As a contestant, she’s helped me reach my dreams by not only defining Mrs. DC but what it takes to be a role model, community leader, and loving wife.

  • Kelley Beasey

    It is a turn head site to see a woman in a sexy dress, killer heels, hair done just right,and a confident stride to her step walking down the street, but it is stop and stare moment to then see her children skipping right behind her as you know they are all headed to do great things in the immediate and far future! This woman is an inspiration and role model to her little ones as well as to the large community of people within her reign! Raquel is definitely one of those women!

  • Elisewhang

    Truly inspirational!  Raquel has inspired many women to live their dream, have a family, and look fabulous doing it all!