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Giveaway Alert: Limited Edition Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom

Written on September 28, 2012 at 8:00 am , by

Now that it’s officially Fall, we know workout motivation tends to dip with the temperature. What better way to keep up your mojo than with a new gadget? We’re giving away one limited edition Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom in gold and white. This watch not only syncs with your Nike+ sneakers to track your workouts, it also acts like a personal coach with reminders and new challenges to help you stay on top of your goals. Plus, you’ll be the envy of other runners–this gold and white watch, worth $169.99, is only available in small quantities at select retailers.

How can you score this awesome tool? Simply leave a comment on this post telling us your workout goals for fall, anytime from now until 9:00 a.m. EST October 12.

Official Rules.


  • i-c

    My fitness goal: to feel great everyday, drink plenty of water, and lose my last 10 lbs of pregnancy weight from my 7 month old baby!

  • Cristina

     My workout goal for fall is to look as good as I did when I was a teenager. After four kids and working full time I was able to start losing weight last year but gained 10 lbs back, so my goal is not a number its a feeling of reaching my goal and feeling good about myself as well. I want to be healthy

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lacy-Oden/1183172245 Lacy Oden

    Here in south Alabama it is just now becoming cool enough to move around outside! Running is now back on the table. i am starting to ease back in after about 8 years of no running! yikes! This watch would work lovely with my shoes =) and help me get back into the swing of things.

  • http://pldmstore.com/ HannahHicks

    I’m going big and doing it right this fall. No more crash diets, or crazy goals. Taking it one week at a time. The good ol’ fashion way. Eat less, eat better, work out more.  First goal, October 20th-friends wedding, goal 2, thanksgiving. Gonna get that surfer body, watch out world. I’m on a mission!! Toned is the new skinny!

  • Mytoy64

    My goal is to get started on losing the extra weight I’ve accumulated over the years.  I’m going to get rid of the flabs so I look nicer for my husband (and so my grandkids aren’t embarrassed to be seen with me)!

  • Elizabeth

    Studying abroad in Florence is amazing but its real easy to lose sight of my fitness goals (gelato four days in a row? okay!). So i really want to keep up with my running this fall and hopefully do some strength training a couple of times a week in my room.

  • Dardar1

    gardening & bicycling for the fall, plent of time

  • Rachel

    My fitness goal this fall is to run my first marathon!

  • Brittni

    increase my miles and stay healthy

  • Deepa Ashith

    I have been trying so hard for the last year to loose some pregnancy weight. My fall goal is do be consistant with my workouts and really watch what I eat. I am going to do everything in my power to begin  2013 as a healthier, stronger, and motivated momma!

  • Khoban46

    My fall goals are to finish my second half marathon (next weekend!) and run a 15+ mile Turkey Trot!!!

  • Sara Hopkins

    My workout goals – to continue to log a minimum of 60 minutes of walking a day, 5-6 days a week – to get back to running on alternate days – to make a simple ST routine a priority for at least 5 days a week.  And if I do all that, and keep eating healthy & not too much, maybe I will reach 140 pounds by wintertime!  This watch would be a marvelous thing.  I don’t have Nike+ sneakers but if I won it, I might try them.

  • Danielle

    Get stronger at CrossFit

  • CaliforniaGirl00

    I’d love to tone up this fall and improve my upper body strength. Planning to incorporate more weight training into my workout routine and start taking pilates classes at my gym! 

  • http://twitter.com/Austieb7 Austin Baroudi

    I want to ride my bike to my dads and back everyday (total of 16 miles) to lose this chub I have!

  • MonaRinaldo

    My workout goal for fall is to work my way up to running a 5k without stopping. I have worked up to 2.5 miles so I am close!

    Would be great to have reminders, a personal coach and challenges all in one, to help me reach my goal and stay there!

  • Diana

    I’ve had some issues with my health that got in the way of being able to do any exercise at all. And now, it’s finally time to fix myself. My goal, not just this fall, but for the future, is to be healthy.

    Instead of making an unralistic goal of looking like a Victoria Secret model in a month, I know that my goals have to be realistic and that my life and my health are more important than a number on the scale. I have to start off slow, and pay attention to my body and it’s limits in order to have any progress.

    I know that once my health is taken care of, my body will follow. I usually like to charge into a regime, and give it my all, but that can cause a major burn-out, if not in attitude, then in health. I have learned the hard way that if you stress your body too much, your body will get back at you. Something will go wrong, and you will be forced to stop. I want, more than anything, to repair the damage and get back in the shape I used to be. To be in the best shape of my life.

    Eating well and getting my body moving at it’s own pace isn’t the only part of recovery. but it is important. I hope that I do not get discouraged, and I hope that I am successful. But in order to achieve a goal, it takes action and not words.

    So far, I have been walking 2-4 times a week and I am proud of my progress. Some days I can walk further than others, some days the walks are short, but at least I am outside and doing something. I would like to increase that number this fall, and step into more challenging activities once my body is ready. I would love to start running and exploring my new neighborhood. I would love to start biking, weight training and get back to doing yoga and Pilates, again.

    Eventually I will.

    But, for now, my number one goal, is to get healthy. I hope that I will.

  • Daraley


  • Tunerville

    Workout goals for fall?   I am in the middle of a Rookie Runner Program at Spark People, and my goal is to run a 5k on or around October 29.  So Far So Good!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003680308064 Carole Kendicott

    I graduated High School 30 years ago and I haven’t run since then but this year I have decided to run.  I’m currently in week 3 of Couch to 5K  with a goal of running for 30 minutes.  This time next year I’d like to be able to run for an hour.

  • Msneathen23

    This will help me keep on track. As a busy working mom/wife it’s so hard to find time for me, but now is the time to focus on my health if we want baby #2 :-)

  • Jason Steele

    Just completed my first half-marathon. Now it is time to train for a marathon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alana.claassen.3 Alana Claassen

    For the first time in my life I am learning to run. A friend and I joined a Running Club. Zero to 5 Kilometers in 12 Weeks.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t over whelmed.  I was very much so.  But I was also quite surprised to find that I actually really, really like it.  Even those moments when I think “oh my gosh I can’t do this”, I push through those moments and make it to the “other side” and the feeling that washes over me is a happiness I have never felt before and I am so proud to have stuck it out and made it.  These are my own private little victories but they feel amazing!  

  • Rebeccambridge

    I have had many health issues this year including ankle injury & shoulder injury. I had to give up running & yoga – 2 of my favorite things. I need to get back on track & the Nike+ Fuel band has at least kept me moving throughout my health issues. This new Nike+ band would be a great new motivator to get me back pounding the pavement. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Joymccullough

    My goals are to get in shape after putting it off for years! Now that my daughter was born this year I realized I cannot make any excuses for myself! I have to get healthy for myself and my family =)

  • Mblife24

    I have now officially lost 30 lbs by changing my eating habits, but have limited my exercise due to foot surgery this summer.  HOWEVER, my foot is a little better everyday and last week (still September) I went hiking for the first time in a long time. I think signing up for Sparkcoach is helpful and will continue to help me increase my activity along with continuing my healthy eating goals.  Anyway, my exercise plan for October is to train and complete a walking 5K.  I’ve signed up for the virtual sparkpeople Trick or Treat Trot.  :)  

  • Kattbugg04

    I would love to win this watch not only because it is cute, but because I really need it to help me obtain my fitness goals. My highest weight was 360 and after my gastric bypass I lost over 140 pounds. Unfortunately, I have gained 80 pounds back. I refuse to go on like this any more and have begun boot camp; aIong with a renewed sense of eating to live…Heck, I can’t even do a good push up, but I hope to be able to real soon. My ultimate goal is to be able to run and not walk the 5K race at the Susan G Komen race next year to celebrate my 14 year Breast Cancer survivorship!!!

  • james wuori

    recovering from back surgery a year ago June and will augment my la fitness workout with outdoor running. loveto win the watch

  • Sarahtait

    I lost over 100 pounds and have been walking….would love to jump it up to running. I have two grandchildren and love being able to keep up with them more. This nike sports watch sounds like a wonderful addition to a workout…I am greatly impressed with it’s many functions.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mindy.moralescruz Mindy Morales Cruz

     My goal this Fall is to get physically and mentally healthy. I have spent the last 2 years in a depression since my son passed away, but I have realized that I want to start living again and making time for all the things that I want to do before I die. I have started a bucket list and most of the items on it have to do with outdoor activity’s like jogging, hiking and biking. I could also really benefit from losing some unwanted pounds as well. The Nike SportWatch would be a great tool to help me get started.

  • JM

    My workout goals for fall are:
    - better tracking of my workouts
    - more consistent workouts
    - turn a pfffffffft fall into a fit fall!

  • imelectric

    After 24 years of harping at my husband, he passed away of something that could be cured if he had went to a doctor to seek help early enough. I decided then to take better care of myself. I had to, I was all my children had now. This is how I found Sparkpeople. Starting out with my eating habbits, I later added running in my fitness routine. It is funny how my children even walk the track while I run just to keep my motivation up. My fall workout goals are to get my 5k running down under 30 minutes, and step my running up to 4-5 days a week. I am signing up to run my first 5k this month, another fall goal is to complete a 5k without walking. I would also like to lose another 11 pounds, which should be possible with increase in running. I have started to do “Yoga for Runners,” a few days a week. I would like to become more fluient in my yoga and increase it to 7 days a week.

  • Malynne

    I am trying to lose weight for an upcoming trip to Hawaii. I will be turning the big 4-0 and it is also our 15th wedding anniversary. This fall I am trying to be more aware of what I have been eating. I exercise about 2 hours every day and love running, so this would be a blessing to have on my runs. Thank you so much Fitness Magazine for all your great information!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4UPSK34C3UKW7THX2YT4NITA3Y Larae Cromer

    i plan on continuing my training for my first 5k by the end of the year. :)

  • Kate

    I’m training for a half marathon (my first!!) so the big goals are increasing my distance over the next few months!

  • ChristineParsons99@gmail.com

    My goals for the fall of 2012 is to get back to my pre baby weight. My little girl turns one in November and I refuse to let this extra weight control me. I have the last 10 pounds left and would love to loose with the help of this awesome and stylish tool!

  • Cacorder12

    I am a single working mother who is playing both mom and dad to my 10 year old son. He shys away from sports and physical activity because he doesn’t have a man in his life to teach him. I have made it my goal to workout with him everyday and keep him as engaged as possible when it comes to healthy eating habits, fitness, and sports. We recently started tracking miles and calories with an app on my phone but I feel winning this for him as his own tracker will help boost his spirts and make being active more fun for him and help me keep him, and myself on track. thank you for the consideration.

  • Angela A

    Walking daily in my neighborhood and playing tennis on the weekends.

  • http://twitter.com/nutmeg237 linda

    My workout goals for the fall is to run 3x a week at least 4 miles a day and do light weights on alternate days.  I would like to run as long as the weather holds up right up into the winter months.

  • Fitness_viking

    I am a busy wife and business owner. My current goal is to compete in a figure competition this coming November.  It is my come back from being incredibly ill for the past three years. Excited to be getting back to my old self and looking forward to seeing how far I can push my body!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=47507296 Leah Brock

    After experiencing a few health setbacks this summer/early fall, I am now ready to get back on track and spend the fall by beginning training for my very first half marathon in the spring, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Lexington, KY. I just got into running this past year, and enjoy the challenges that I am presented with and the feeling of accomplishment when I have met a goal. I also enjoy the physical and mental benefits of running…it is great stress relief! I don’t currently have any sort of sport watch or means of tracking my runs, and this watch would be heaven sent for me!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=47507296 Leah Brock

    After experiencing a few health setbacks this summer/early fall, I am now ready to get back on track and spend the fall by beginning training for my very first half marathon in the spring, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Lexington, KY. I just got into running this past year, and enjoy the challenges that I am presented with and the feeling of accomplishment when I have met a goal. I also enjoy the physical and mental benefits of running…it is great stress relief! I don’t currently have any sort of sport watch or means of tracking my runs, and this watch would be heaven sent for me!

  • SY

    I’m aiming to run two half marathons before year end! Fingers crossed!!

  • Ashley_courvelle

    I am working towards getting toned and losing about 10 lbs. By the end of the year I am going to run a 5K and plan to start training for a 1/2 marathon.

  • Sarah

    To lower my half marathon PR to under 2:20 (current PR is 2:26:xx) is the overall goal. Which means to train more, which is hard to do since my commute is at least one hour each way and it’s dark when I leave and dark when I get back. 

  • Kreed

    I will run a marathon.

  • mimi

    Swim and walk everyday to get back into exercising mode.

  • Mrs007bond

    To run another half marathon, Running inspires in so many ways in my life  It’s a time to empty my mind of thoughts and just enjoy the outdoors and peace and quiet. It keeps me healthy and happy anf focused on what things matter most to me
    And how great would it be to win one of these babies!! PICK ME PICK ME  lol x

  • KMathews

    I am 18 years old. When I was 16 I tore both calf muscles and had to give up my beloved talent at sprinting. It was hard to do and I will never be able to sprint again. Nevertheless, I have found a new love, and that is long distance running. I am not very good yet but I’m working super hard. I would love this watch to keep me focused on my goal!!!!!

  • Downchez

    Being 6 months pregnant, doing a 30 minute walk/waddle twice a day is my goal… It’s harder than it sounds ;)