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Hot Topic Tuesday: Are Kids’ Pole Dancing Classes OK or Too Risque?

Written on September 11, 2012 at 11:50 am , by

Don't try this at home?

If Toddlers and Tiaras makes you uncomfortable, wait until you read this. A dance and fitness studio in Canada has announced that it is offering pole dancing classes for kids. Duncan’s Twisted Grip Dance and Fitness Studio on Vancouver Island in British Columbia says that these Little Spinners classes are about fitness, not sexuality, and that kids’ sessions will not involve provocative moves.

While we’ll admit that pole dancing is one heck of a workout (and a fun one, too!) and that kids today do need to get more exercise, we’re not sure if we want girls (and boys) as young as 5 learning dances that originally had sexual connotations. What happened to the good old jungle gym or soccer camp?

Tell us: What do you think? Is Little Spinners a good idea, or should the pole be limited to adults only?
  • Mlharvey04

    I think it depends on the age of the kids and the reasoning the kids WANT to participate.  I just recently started pole classes and all of my sons (age 20, 16, 15, 11) have played on the pole and realize how much body strength and flexibility it requires.  Parkor utilizes poles in some of their routines as well.  I think you portray it as sexual than that is what it is going to be.  If you portray it as a great way to work on flexibility and strength then it is fine.  There are many “athletes” that wouldn’t be able to do what a lot of the competition pole dancers can do!

  • mnpoledancemama

    You can teach and learn Pole fitness without adding components of sexuality to it! It is quite athletic and graceful. It would be no different than throwing your child up on a balance beam or allowing them to climb the rope in gym class.  Not everything has to be about sex.

  • Guest

    No one is debating that pole dancing requires great strength, flexibility, and a level of fitness that we would all strive to achieve as adults. I was amazed watching YouTube videos of competitions where the talent and athletic skill displayed was more prominent than sexuality. There are just so many other ways to encourage fitness in children that do not have sexual origins. Children (especially our young girls) should not be exposed to erotic fitness in a way that glorifies it. As adults we can make the distinction between doing it for some slightly naughty fun and exercise, or appreciating it at a competitive level for its beauty and athleticism, but kids cannot make that distinction and may be drawn to it as a legitimate profession at your local strip club. Let’s keep our kids off the poles, with or without parental supervision.

  • Xeniacastanho

    for the love of God. we alredy have A LOT of sports and types of exercises kids can do, we don’t need pole dancing with or without sexual connotations for kids. Totally unnecessary!

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  • kim

    Are you serious? Why do kids need to take a pole dancing class. Why is the world priming kids for adult situations or pedofiles What is the obsession with sexualizing children?. LET KIDS BE KIDS!

  • Gdfitness

    the pole is a natural thing for a child to walk up to and swing around on, we have all done it! pole history has little to do with stripping and sexuality! we need to remove that stigma! 

  • jgoldenflame

    True, pole dancing skills are used in traditional circus acts like chinese pole or sports like parkor. But if it’s not meant to be sexual, what’s up with that slutty packaging?

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