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Olympic Moments With Heather O’Reilly…and an adidas Giveaway!

Written on July 27, 2012 at 9:00 am , by

You can win this adidas adizero gift box, with sneakers autographed by the Olympian herself!

We’re only hours away from kicking off the 2012 Olympics! What better way to start the Games than with some insider information from an Olympian herself…and free workout gear? We asked U.S. Soccer Midfielder Heather O’Reilly about her top Olympic moments and how you can win an adidas gift box including the running shoes she wears to train and cleats signed by O’Reilly herself.

Tell us about your first “Holy sh*t, I’m an Olympian!” moment, in regards to the 2012 Games.

“It was when we ran out for warm ups for a preparation game versus China last month. The Olympic team was just announced a couple a days before, and that was the first time we took the field for a game knowing the Olympic roster. It was like ‘Ok, this is us. This is the group that is going to be on this amazing journey together.’”

During the Trials or Games, what was your most challenging moment to get through?

“We had a really difficult training camp in Florida in April. It was our fitness camp, when we grinded the hardest. We pretty much had two training sessions a day for two weeks, and it was really hot. It was tough to get through some sessions.”

During the Trials or Games, what was your most personally satisfying moment?

“Our Olympic qualifying tournament. I scored a lot of goals and had a bunch of assists in that tournament and came away feeling confident personally and like our team had fire in us. We were on a mission.”

Tell us about your favorite moment from meeting another athlete/celebrity?

“In the 2008 Olympics, we met Ronaldinho, the famous Brazilian soccer player. Our teams were staying at the same hotel. They were crazy and so much fun. They were always dancing and playing the drums, even inside the hotel. We exchanged some jerseys with them, (ok, mostly they just gave us theirs) and hung out for a bit.”

Now, here’s how you can feel like an Olympian too: We’re giving away one adidas adizero Feather 2 gift box, which includes one pair of adizero Feather 2 lightweight running shoes, the adizero f50 soccer shoe signed by Heather O’Reilly, and one adizero “Light You Up” tee. Official rules here. O’Reilly trains with the adizero Feather 2 shoes herself. “Wearing these for my training helps because they are the lightest footwear around,” she says.

How you can enter to win: Simply leave a comment on this post. Let the games begin!

8/16 UPDATE: Congratulations to Lyndall Mae for winning this giveaway! We hope you enjoy your prize!

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