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Signs You Should Cancel Your Gym Membership

Written on March 20, 2012 at 7:00 am , by

If you're using the weight bench as a gossip stoop, it might be time to cancel your membership. (Photo courtesy of Alexa Miller)

We love the gym for many reasons: it adds structure to our workouts and helps motivate us, the class selection is amazing, and the people — both trainers and members — can be very inspiring. But we also know that many times a gym membership isn’t the most cost-effective solution for getting fit, and going isn’t for everyone. Are you wasting your money? Here are five signs it may be time to cancel your gym membership.

  1. You’d rather be outdoors: The thought of being cooped up indoors has you dreading — and then skipping — your workout, but you continue to hold onto that gym membership “just in case.” Some people find gym workouts boring, so if you’re one of them, start getting creative outdoors. Even if you’re not a runner, you can still have an effective workout outside; find an open space where you can do your circuit workout, invest in a bike, or grab your yoga mat and seek out an inspiring place to stretch
  2. You only use one piece of equipment: Take a look at your gym workout. Do you just make a beeline for the treadmill and leave? If you’re not utilizing your gym’s classes or equipment or asking trainers for help, you may be wasting your money. Instead of paying $50 a month just to use a treadmill, save the money to buy a piece of gym equipment for your home or just go for a run or walk outside.
  3. You waste time once you get there: The hardest part about going to the gym may be getting there, but that shouldn’t be the part of your workout that burns the most calories. Whether you find the gym uninspiring or whether you use it as social hour to catch up with friends, if you’re not dedicated to your workout once you’re there, you’re wasting your money along with your time. Take a look at your gym workouts; if you can’t find any type of exercise at the gym that inspires you, try something else.
  4. You also belong to a studio: Having a favorite yoga, Pilates, or barre studio that you also shell out big bucks for — on top of your gym membership — can mean sinking hundreds or thousands of dollars on fitness fees in a year. If you’re a studio rat but haven’t been as enthusiastic about your gym in awhile, it may be time to drop your membership. Instead of feeling obligated to go to the gym, find creative ways to supplement your studio-going with these tips on how to exercise for cheap.

Keep reading for more reasons to cancel your gym membership.

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  • http://www.sstrider.com Sal Cameli

    So True!

    Cancel that membership and get a StreetStrider.

    I burn around 10,000 to 15,000 calories a week on my StreetStrider!

    Yesterday I strode for 65 minutes and went a distance of 7.85 miles and I burned 1686 Calories!!!

  • Dan

    Burning 1686 calories in 7 miles is impossible and I dont believe you!

  • http://fb Dan

    It’s impossible to burn that many calories in 7.85 miles. I don’t believe it!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/freerangefitness Mary Elder

    I’m so glad to see YOU’D RATHER BE OUTDOORS showing up first! I love outdoor workouts so much I started a facebook community! http://www.Facebook.com/freerangefitness Outside workouts are effective, feel fantastic, save money and improve mood! My outdoor workout is the happiest hour of my day!

  • Josiah_Editing

    How much do you weight and how do you know you burned that many calories. do you us a Heart rate monitor?

    If you are over weight i could see it being possible.

    I’m 250lb and race Road bikes. the last 30mile race i did took around 80min and my heart was 160 average with peaks up to 185bpm and my total calories was 1300.

  • http://www.sstrider.com Sal Cameli

    Click the links to Garmin’s website for all the Data.

    I’m am 315lbs, this is my 4th Stride this year. In a couple of weeks I’ll be burning 3 to 4k calories a day.

    And in 6 weeks I’ll be done to 275

    regular bikes are a waste of time. all they burn is your legs. I bet you couldn’t last 10 miles on a Street Strider the first time you try it.

    It uses your entire body.

  • http://www.sstrider.com Sal Cameli

    My URLs are awaiting moderation.

    I use a Garmin Watch with heart Band

    check out StreetStrider on Facebook.

    My data is there. I’m not the only one. There are thousands of us burning 1300 calories an hour.

  • http://connect.garmin.com/activity/157418318 Sal Cameli

    Dan & Josiah, click my name above

  • http://connect.garmin.com/activity/160474424 Sal Cameli

    Just got back from my Stride. Mailed a package, Picked up a box with some new shoes that my wife ordered and had delivered to my work mailbox!, Went to a park and did two laps of the 2.25 mile track and then went home.

    141 minutes of actual pedaling, 13.29 miles, 2915 Calories!!!

    Click my name above to see mile by mile data!

  • http://fb Dan

    Still dont believe you!!