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We Tried It: The Ultimate Fitness Experience Workout

Written on March 16, 2012 at 12:11 pm , by

Do 10 push ups as fast as you can! (Photo courtesy of Denise Crew)

Celeb trainer Bob Harper’s a big fan, Jessica Biel has done it and firefighters, cops and other emergency responders swear by CrossFit, a workout that combines strength, stamina and high-intensity cardio for a total-body challenge. I was just telling myself that I should try a CF workout when I heard about New York Sports Club’s new CrossFit-inspired class, UXF. I signed up, half excited, half terrified.

NYSC Master Trainer Kris Flores  created the Ultimate Fitness Experience workout which combines high intensity weight lifting, body weight exercises, kettlebells and suspension training to maximize results and keep workouts fresh. Our workout started with warm up exercises and a quick review of proper form before launching right in. Here are the moves from the 25-minute circuit:

  • Reverse Rows with TRX straps, 10 reps
  • Push-Ups, 10 reps
  • Squats, 10 reps
  • Sit-Ups, 10 reps
  • Burpees, 10 reps

You might think to yourself, like I did, “How hard can a 25-minute workout be?” Well, after doing these moves non-stop, I’m pretty sure this is the toughest one I’ve done yet. Kris pointed out that this routine shows that anyone can squeeze in a good sweat session in just 20 minutes. The exercises change with each session so you’re never doing the same routine over and over.

UXF is offered in all New York City NYSC locations and is available at the Boston, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia gyms, too. Members and non-members can sign up for sessions, which are held twice a week for four straight weeks.

Now tell us: Have you tried CrossFit or CrossFit-inspired workouts? What’s the toughest workout you’ve done yet?

  • Sandy

    Hi, what is a burpee?

  • http://fitnessmagazine.com Marianne

    Hi Sandy, here’s a video of someone doing a burpee: http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/videos/m/32070462/squat-thrust.htm#q=burpee

  • http://crossfit.com Pukie the Clown

    “CrossFit-inspired”. Is that the nice way of telling the world that Kris Flores is a thief who just rips-off CrossFit? The NYC Sports club is so backwards they try to steal CrossFit and can’t even get that right. I feel sorry for anyone going there expecting to get results.

    Maybe you should think about going to an actual CrossFit class with actual, certified CrossFit trainers.

  • Chad

    Hey pukie use your real name if you want tot be taken seriously. Or you can keep enjoying your fantasy world of crossfit creating everthything. I use to be ignorant on the subject of physical culture as well but I have learned over the years unlike most. Crossfit is the same gift in a different package, it was all done before its just well marketed to the gulable.

  • Pukie the Clown

    You better get out there and start telling the hundreds of thousands of people who have found CrossFit to be the most uniquely effective program in the world that they are just victims of a clever marketing campaign… also known as a simple website that has given away free workouts for a decade. Sinister huh?

    Funny how you will paint CrossFit as the bad guy for giving away workouts and yet it’s OK for Kris Flores to use CrossFit’s IP and confuse readers of this article about what CrossFit is to keep himself relevant.

  • DWhite

    Newsflash… This was not a CrossFit class and sounds nothing like a CrossFit flash (TRX?). Get your facts straight and quit conflating different fitness programs please.

  • Share Methods

    Why all the polarization between CrossFit and other Met-Con type workouts at Globo Gyms. How ’bout we all just focus on getting people in shape?  As to DWhite’s comment that the above workout being “nothing like CrossFit”  one of CrossFit’s “benchmark” workouts is Cindy: 5 pullups (trx reverse row similar), 10 pushups, 15 bodyweight squats….amrap (as many rounds as possible) in 20 minutes.  Seems damn similar to me (except the workout above adds situps and burpees)…….can’t we all just get along?

  • angryfrog

    CrossFit didn’t invent cross-training, you know.

    As for “…actual, certified CrossFit trainers” – you mean the ones who do a weekend certification class?

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