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Find Your Soul Mate Workout With Chalene Johnson

Written on February 27, 2012 at 2:41 pm , by

Johnson can help you find the workout that's your perfect match. (Photo courtesy of Chalene Johnson)

Fifteen years ago, fitness and lifestyle coach Chalene Johnson enjoyed exercise but couldn’t find a workout that she loved so much she wouldn’t skip. So she created it! Turbokick, which is a mix of martial arts and hip-hop dancing, makes Johnson look forward to each sweat session. She says everyone can find the workout they love—and look forward to! It’s as easy as taking her “soul mate workout” inventory, which she shares in her new book Push, to find your perfect match.

“Just like finding your love soul mate is rewarding, discovering your workout soul mate changes your perspective on taking care of yourself,” Johnson told us. Rather than being a must-do, fitness will be a want-to-do!

Do you prefer exercise that is…

  • Indoors or outdoors?
  • Group or solo?
  • Dance or athletic?
  • Competitive or noncompetitive?
  • High-impact, low-impact or nonimpact?
  • With a soundtrack or set to silence?

Brainstorm activities that best fit your preferred criteria selected above. Then “date” these workouts by trying one new activity every week until you’ve given them all a shot. Don’t stress out about this, Johnson advises. “Even the worst dates teach you something about yourself,” she says. “And mistakes burn calories, too!” You should be able to find at least one new type of exercise that you enjoy. But if not, just expand the search and keep trying. (Need some inspiration? Here are 10 unique and fun options!)

Now tell us: What workouts do you look forward to the most?

  • Dawn Krisik

    I love Chalene Extreme workout but I have been doing it now for 6 months and I think my body is getting used to it cuz I have come to a stand still with my weight loss. I don’t really like much cardio but more the weights….does she have any other workouts with just weights?

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  • Leanne

    Dawn, not sure if anyone answered you or if you found another workout.  But, her other two work outs are a lot more cardio.  Have you tried P90X at all?  You can find me on FB at http://www.Facebook.com/LeanneMeiserFitnessAchiever if you need any help!