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3 Ways to Stay on Track with Your Diet Goals

Written on February 15, 2012 at 10:00 am , by

An apple a day keeps your weight loss worries at bay. (Photo courtesy of Karen Pearson)

If you are a frequent gym goer, you may have noticed the after work crowd has been a little sparse lately. The same goes with that veggie-packed market down the block from your house. That’s because by mid-February most resolution setters have given up on their diet and fitness goals. In fact, in a recent Silk survey, 71 percent of women said eating healthier is one of the most difficult resolutions to keep, meaning that’s the first thing to go when life gets a little crazy.

To make sure you don’t get lumped into the statistic of those throwing in the towel, healthy living expert Kathy Freston shared her tips to stick to your diet resolutions. Keep these three easy tricks in mind and make it through 2012 with your diet in tact:

1. Switch out milk for Silk soymilk, almond, or coconut milk in your cereal. These are great alternatives ease into a more plant-based diet.

2. Eat an apple a day. Apples are rich in dietary fiber and a lower calorie snack that will leave you feeling full.

3. Stay hydrated by drinking eight ounces of water a day, eight times a day. H2O too boring for you? Add an orange or cucumber to your glass to give it some extra flavor.

Now tell us: Have you stuck with your resolutions so far? How do you do it?

  • http://www.li1yspad.blogspot.com Brittany Welsh

    My resolution was to run and eat healthier, it lasted all of two days! It wasn’t until I started journaling on a blog that I held myself accountable to my goal. I eat fruit and veggies whenever I feel hungry outside of meal time. If I am still hungry after I’ll chow down on a protein bar, that usually takes care of any cravings. Good luck to everyone taking the plunge into their new healthy lifestyle!

  • Ellie M

    Fruit smoothies have been a good answer to keep me on track. There are a bunch of really good recipes at Best Fruit Smoothies (www.bestfruitsmoothies.com). I pick up a couple of new ones every week for variety and it is keeping me motivated to add healthy foods and keep eating healthy.

  • Megan

    Agree with #2 and #3. I can eat a healthy diet AND include milk and other dairy products, can’t I? Why wouldn’t you just add a glass of plant-based liquids, instead of replacing? I have always enjoyed reading Fitness articles before now. I might be moving on to another women’s health source simply becuase of this. Lost a lot of respect here, yuck.

  • Doreen Platt

    Given what milk is (food for baby calves, most of whom are then killed for human food while their mothers’ milk is taken to give to humans instead), I happily chose to drink soy and almond milk as an alternative to dairy milk. It is not a sacrifice on my part at all to do so but instead a humane choice that I feel very good about. (And no, I don’t eat meat either, I live quite well on a plant based diet.)

  • Julie the Jarhead

    Write. It. Down.

    Exercise. Food. Everything.

  • Angela

    All 3 ways are great ideas. The fibers in the apple will expand in your stomach and help you feel fuller also. But one thing for Diabetics to keep in mind is the carbs in apples. Depending on size a Granny Smith , my favorite ,can have 22 to 31 grams of carbs. If you’re like me who can only have 45 grams of carbs at each meal , that is not a snack. That would be almost a meal. Snacks are limited to 15 grams. Fellow diabetics just keep in mind that you may need to cut that apple in half , thirds or fourths.

  • christine

    Gee, Megan, if you’re so easily put off, Fitness probably doesn’t want you anyway. Good grief.

  • http://seventy1percent.com/happenings Rebecca

    LIke another user, smoothies have helped me stay on track. I find it keeps me more full than cereal AND I can take it on the go.

  • Kayla Mckenzie

    I think a good diet starts from the inside and lots of dedication to yourself and to your body. it is not always easy to stay on the diet you choose. and maybe it is wise to have a goal as to why you want to lose weight or to eat healthy in general. I think anybody who wants it bad enough will eventually get there. rule number 1 in dieting is patience and positive attitude. like for example I am training to someday achieve my dream of working for WWE and I wish everyone luck who feels the same way I do. even if your dream is something other than this. 

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