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An Easy Way to Keep Your Health in Check in 2012

Written on December 20, 2011 at 4:22 pm , by

This little guy knows your health history and will hold you to it. (Photo courtesy of Macaw)

Put your laundry list of resolutions away and just have one goal this year, to be healthy. Easy enough, right? Don’t worry—there’s an app for that now. The Macaw Health and Fitness App will help keep you on track by transforming your smartphone into your own personal health hub in 2012.

Macaw takes all your separately downloaded health and fitness apps—everything from pedometers to glucose monitors and sleep logs— and keeps them in one place for easy tracking and viewing. With a quick seven question health assessment Macaw will also set up a personalized goal plan for you while sending automated preventative screening reminders based on your gender and age. Need some more incentive? Try the weekly fitness challenges the app provides to unlock some freebies. Goodies for getting fit? We like!

The Macaw app is free to download and is available at the iPhone App Store or Android Market.

Now tell us: What fitness and health apps are your favorite?

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  • kymberlee

    I can not locate the app on the Iphone, when I enter Macaw, infor on the bird comes up… What is the name of the app??

  • Stefan

    The name is Macaw. The logo is a bird also, blue bird, grey background. They get quite old and they can talk, that’s what made us choose it. Hope you find it alright. It’s both on the Apple AppStore and Android Marketplace.

  • Kim

    Wait until the conference………we will be rolling it out then….I have been using the test version for weeks and it has changed my lifestyle, lost 5 lbs just by monitoring my activities, food, etc…..and it has probed me to want to do more activities……..yesterday I did crunches….just to get 1 more point……love it and today I want 1 more……Macaw is a great app…..download it and see….