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Which Celebs Would DWTS Pro Anna Trebunskaya Like to Compete Against?

Written on October 25, 2011 at 3:55 pm , by

Anna's husband, Jonathan Roberts, is also a pro dancer. (Photo by Sonny Tong)

Soon after Dancing With the Stars pro Anna Trebunskaya and her partner fashion expert Carson Kressley were the fifth pair eliminated from the reality show last week, the Russian-born redhead stopped by our offices to fill us in about her competition, dancing tips and dream cast. One of our favorite pieces of advice from Trebunskaya during our fun chat? “Sometimes you just have to stop, smell the roses and dance the tango!”

Read on for five pieces of can’t-miss scoop from this spunky star!

  1. Forecasting the frontrunners. She predicts that J.R. Martinez will walk away with the Mirror Ball trophy this season, with Ricki Lake and Rob Kardashian not far behind.
  2. Women who should work it. Trebunskaya believes Lindsey Lohan would be making a wise career choice by participating in a future season of DWTS, although “she would need to be with a patient partner,” Trebunskaya says. “And Britney Spears would kill it on the show! She’s great.”
  3. Why Carson rocks. “He’s not the most coordinated, but he just has so much charisma,” Trebunskaya says of her partner during season 13 of the reality show. “Carson was a perfect partner in a way—a hard worker and very creative. He was inspiring to me.”
  4. How to get in step. If you’re just learning to dance, “get a friend or a co-worker and go to a beginner group class. People often have too great of expectations early on, thinking they should be able to dance well right away. You can’t be thrown in like a child in the ocean just learning to swim—take small steps, like a child in the baby pool,” Trebunskaya recommends. “Dancing is a skill and it takes repetition to learn, but it’s really not a big deal. It should always be fun.”
  5. Would you rather… As future male contestants on the show, would you rather see:
  • President Obama or Bill Clinton? “Bill Clinton. He’s musical and plays the sax. Plus he’s quite charming.”
  • Justin Timberlake or Chris Brown? “Chris Brown. I’ve seen him perform as a musical guest on our show, and he’s got the moves! It would be a good thing for his image, too.”
  • Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler? “Jim Carrey. He’s tall, has a good frame and is probably a good dancer.”

Now tell us: Who do you think will best the competition this season? And who would you like to see perform on DWTS in the future?

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