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Music Monday: Soundtrack From SoulCycle’s Britney Spears Ride!

Written on August 15, 2011 at 1:06 pm , by

Clare, our instructor, giving us her very best Britney impersonation. (The class was actually quite a show!)

Clare, our instructor, giving her best Britney impersonation—the class was quite a show! (Photo courtesy of SoulCycle)

If you grew up in the ’90s (or even just lived through them!), then I bet you’re just as in love with Ms. Britney’s tunes as we are. Every song she belts out is like an ode to working out hard and sweating it all out. That’s why when my favorite studio hosted a Britney Spears-only class, I was first in line to saddle up on that bike.

Here’s the awesome playlist from SoulCycle instructor Clare Walsh, who’s also an actor and singer in New York City. The fast-paced beats and fun hooks kept us pedaling through the intense class!

Now tell us: If you could pick one artist’s music to help power you through a workout, which would it be?

  • http://runningaroundnormal.com Paige

    I love anything with a good beat. Music with a good beat can make a super tough run possible to push through. For me, that means lots of Black Eyed Peas on my playlists!

  • Stephanie Blum

    Taylor Swift is ALWAYS on my workout playlists. Running to “The Story Of Us,” “Better Than Revenge,” and “Tell Me Why” is the greatest.

  • Marta

    I love to listen fitness DJ Deekron from Motion Traxx. I listen only his mixes during running workouts.:)

  • Shalea

    I lovd love love running to DEV as well as The Cataracs

  • Ttisha

    I love a hard game of raquetball after a rough day at work (I’m a probation officer) and nothing helps work out the stress better than some heavy metal/rock. I usually listen to Disturbed or Linkin Park on those days.

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