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Can Women Be Too Toned?

Written on August 3, 2011 at 3:40 pm , by

We think Ripa looks great! Do you? (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

It seems like everywhere we go these days women are constantly told how to look. Don’t be too skinny because then people will think you have unhealthy habits lurking in the shadows. Don’t be overweight because that’ll bring on an onslaught of health problems and medical concerns. So what’s the happy medium? You’d think working out and building up muscle would be. But now it seems as though women are being criticized once again—this time for being too toned.

ABC news recently aired a video covering the topic, in which it seems a double standard has been issued between men and women. We want men to look buff and muscular, but if women are, then something’s wrong. They targeted celebs like Cameron Diaz and Kelly Ripa as potential culprits: Ripa for her rockin’ arms and Diaz for her washboard abs.

Brett Hoebel, one of the trainers from season 11 of The Biggest Loser, tweeted earlier today saying he doesn’t think muscle is a bad thing. “Pop culture has set a standard for girls to be ‘thin’ and ‘waif-like,” he tweeted. “Most men, however, are not looking for that type of girl…I personally love a woman that is fit and has more curves than a skinny body.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Brett. After all, we love Kelly’s bod and think Cameron is pretty rad, too.

Now tell us: Can women be too toned?

  • Leanne

    I think that people need to stop listening to what “pop culture” says. Who decides whats right for everyone anyways? There is this girl in my hot yoga class this is ALL muscle. I want her body. She says its all from eating healthy and daily yoga, that’s it; she is ripped. If you are happy with your body and healthy, then what does it matter if you are thin, muscular, ripped, tone, slightly overweight, ect. People come in all shapes and sizes! Who wants to be a cookie cutter of the next girl anyways?!

  • CC

    Well said, Leanne!!!

  • Mina

    First we are too fat now we are too fit?!?! None of that should matter as long as we are HEALTHY. Healthy looks different for everyone, some people are naturally skinny, while others can carry a little extra something around the tummy (like myself and other new mommies). Thats just life! I think we need to stop trying to feeding into this obsession of trying to look perfect. Sorry ladies there is no such thing. Even supermodels get judged and airbrushed.

  • http://lizdialto.com Liz DiAlto

    Amen, Mina. Healthy is key and looks different for everyone. Are you comfortable in your skin? do you love your bod? That’s what’s important here. It all comes down to 2nd grade psychology-people poke fun because of their own insecurities. If you love it, it’s perfect-FOR YOU.

  • Carol

    Strong is the new Skinny!!

  • Rachel

    Healthy body, healthy mind – strong muscles, strong body.
    Women & men need to be happy in their own skin. It is harder to keep fit in 40s and guessing when I achieve my 50s it will be harder again however the longterm health & happiness benefits outweigh the hardwork. Also made new friends over past 17 months at the gym :o )

  • Mline

    Please tell me the name of the women who is not too fat, not too skinny, not too tall or short, not too buff(of course), who always eat the good things with the proper amount, who have the right ideas.. and I can go on like this for a few more topics. It doesn’t exist. No one can actually say they know the absolute truth, so please be happy, be YOU and let the others who can’t put all the effort you made, be the unhappy one!

  • Susan

    That is BS!! I think fit and toned is great!! I don’t see the problem with it as long as you have a healthy body image and are happy with yourself. I have always been thin, but quite a number of years ago, I started lifting weights and getting really muscular (not crazy like the girls that compete, but what was acceptable for my frame). My now ex-husband made the comment to our children(!!) that “Mommy wants to look like a guy.” I wanted to take my new muscles and clock in him the jaw for that comment. Of course, had I let myself go after giving birth to his two children, I am sure I would have gotten flack for that, too. At any rate, there is NOTHING wrong with a little muscle or a lot. To each his own and if folks don’t like it, there’s the door. Keep lifting, ladies!!

  • Jessica

    I think that it is a great thing when women want to get strong. I never aspired to be skinny but rather really muscular. I want to be strong and know that if I need something done, or get into a bad situation I can get myself out of it.
    There has been many times where I was abused and wished that I was strong enough to fight the guy off. I could care less about pop culture or what a man wants. I want what I want! To be ME!

  • http://www.sara-amrhein.com Sara

    I completely agree with all of the above comments. After years of yo-yo dieting and start again-stop again exercise patterns that never seemed to change my body much, I finally started lifting weights and cannot believe the difference! Not only am 10 pounds away from my goal, but I feel stronger than I ever have in my life and I just turned 36. It should never matter what anyone else thinks you should look like, or even what a man says he likes, we do this for ourselves! My goal is to live to be at least 100, and only muscle is going to get me there!

  • http://www.chicphysiquefitness.com Natasha

    STRONG is the new SEXY !!!!

  • Libby Fuller

    Absolutely not! Strong is the new Skinny and I’ve always heard there was no such thing as too rich or too skinny!

    Its ridiculous to say that women can be too toned or buff! I’d rather be at the gym with the meatheads pumping iron any day!

    Ladies pump that iron and be as strong as you like!!

  • Alicia

    Building muscle also builds strong bones. For women who lift weights, they decrease their risk of osteoporosis later in life. Plus, lifting weights is really the only way to change your body. Cardio will make you thin, but lifting weights will give you shape.

  • Steve Stradtman

    I would guess that the criticisms were triggered by an attitude issue. Lacking traction, physicality was criticized as an available target. Attitude is infinitely complex for people, first intelligently discussed for women by Simone DeBeauvoir. But, beyond roles & symbolism, the positive desired is life force. Sickness – obesity – etc is repellent. We should actually value & respect all, but mate selection is discriminatory. Muscle tone just in itself is very life force positive.

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