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Would You Let Your 10-Year-Old Be a Bodybuilder?

Written on July 19, 2011 at 4:49 pm , by

It's OK, we didn't know we had this many ab muscles either. (Photo courtesy of WorkOutKid.com)

Meet C.J. Senters. Pretty buff, right? He’s also pretty young—10 years old to be exact.

I stumbled across Senters after one of the editors here at FITNESS sent this article over on the next child fitness prodigy. Senters started working out five years ago after his football coach told the team to go home over the weekend and get some exercise (youthful ears really do listen well!). He started with some push-ups and crunches and just kept going. He’s tried P90X, and has even started making his own routines, teaching kids at a gym near his home.

Senters isn’t the only one starting early on his physique. This Today Show segment talks about the increase in the amount of young boys, from 6 to 13 years old, strength training and getting involved in bodybuilding competitions.

With the rise in childhood obesity it’s nice to see the other side of the spectrum, with kids taking their health and fitness into their own hands (both cases here started with the child’s interest, not from the provoking of parents). But now child psychologists say such an obsession with fitness at a young age could also be problematic, even leading to an Adonis Complex and obsessing over their bodies.

So tell us: What do you think about kids bodybuilding and getting super fit? Is it healthy, or way too much too soon?

  • Dimitra A.

    The wise ancient Greeks believed in “Pan Metron Ariston”…Excellence is in moderation. Either extreme can have bad consequences. We should strive to teach a healthy middle, especially with the developing bodies of young children.

  • Katherine Grandstrand

    As long as they’re eating right and the activity doesn’t become an obsession and they are able to keep up in school, good for them. It’s better than playing tradtional video games! (new ones where you move aren’t quite as bad)

  • http://www.kaeos.com Ali Ghavami

    Of course. While the ancient Greeks believed in Excellence is in moderation, they had a different idea of moderation. This kid probably does what was considered moderate work to an ancient Greek.