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Outfit Your Daughter with Skirt Sports Girls

Cute T-shirts inspire your kids to stay active. (Photo courtesy of Skirt Sports)

Cute T-shirts inspire your kids to stay active. (Photo courtesy of Skirt Sports)

We know that all of you moms out there put one thing first: your children. You want them to be strong, fit and healthy. So why not take them along on your next fun run? Skirt Sports, the creator of the original fitness skirt for women, has now launched the Skirt Sports Girls collection to help outfit your daughters so you can have fun together! The cute designs and bright colors inspire kids to be active with the women they look up to, and with phrases like "Catch Me if You Can" and "Future Marathon Runner," they're sure to strike up a conversation! The apparel is reasonably priced between $30 and $45, and you can choose between the Wonder Kid Tee, Happy Kid Skirt and Wonder Kid Dress, all of which emphasize the playful side that you want your daughters to embrace. Head over to their website to check out the new line of fun, fit clothes—then get moving together! 


Samantha Lefave

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