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Grand Opening: Barry’s Bootcamp in NYC—Free Classes & Discounts NOW!

Written on June 1, 2011 at 11:59 am , by

Straight from the West Coast comes Barry’s Bootcamp, a popular and celebrity-followed workout trend that’s sure to scorch some major calories off our East Coast behinds. (Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears are fans.) Described as not-your-average bootcamp class, each one-hour session takes place in a nightclub party environment (how much do I love this kind of stuff?). Some classes are split into 30-minutes of high-intensity cardio workouts and 30-minutes of free weight and equipment strength-training routines. Have a shorter attention span? Others fuse together four 15-minute segments, or even keep you moving between the treadmill for cardio and floor free-weight workouts every five minutes. That sounds intense—and majorly results-driven—to me. I’m sooo in. Word on the street is that you can burn 1,000 calories in an hour of Barry’s Bootcamp. Let’s see how close to true that is!

Barry's Bootcamp NYC studio! Looks like fun!

Barry's Bootcamp NYC studio. Looks like fun! (Photo courtesy of Barry's Bootcamp)

I’m signed up for a Saturday afternoon class in their new, hip Chelsea location here in New York City. Is anyone with me? If so, jump on this bandwagon now! The weekend-long event includes free classes and DJs spinning live—what’s more exciting than loud music and lots of pumped up personalities that want to help you get in top-notch shape? (I’ll take some pictures and show you after class via Twitter—@FITNESSjenna!)

And if you register for classes at the NYC location online today through Sunday, June 5th, you’ll receive 25% off. You only have a few more days, so hurry up and stock up on classes—this is a great deal! Enter promo code “VIPNYC” after you’ve gone through the online ordering process at www.barrysbootcamp.com —and then let me know your thoughts after you take your first class.

I’m excited to test this out and I hope to see you there!

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