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4 Things I Learned About Celebrity Fitness

Written on May 25, 2011 at 4:11 pm , by

Climbing the rope at Training Adventure sparks memories of gym class!

Recently, thanks to ASICS , I was lucky enough to spend a few days living (and training) like a celebrity in L.A.! A team of writers were treated to six workouts over the course of two days—and each was hosted by a different celebrity trainer. Along the way, I had four “aha! moments” about exercising like a star:

  1. Variety is the spice of life. We tried a beats-driven spinning class at Equinox, a zen yoga session with Kirschen Hagenlocher (who traveled to India with Julia Roberts during Eat, Pray Love!), a sculpting class with Jennifer Garner’s pal Valerie Waters and more. Each workout challenged our bodies in different ways and proved to us that exercise can never get boring.
  2. Improvise with what you’ve got. Surprise! Many celebrities don’t have home gyms and squeeze in their workouts outside or at their homes using furniture like coffee table for step ups and swap in bands for heavy equipment. Christopher Ross Lane, who has helped whip Valerie Bertinelli and Sara Rue into shape, showed us how to tone up outdoors with the Pro Gym in a Bag, which he uses with his clients. They also slip in plyometrics and neighborhood runs for some cardio. (Christopher also trains our pal Jillian Michaels—trainers need to be pushed by trainers too!)
  3. Take advantage of your surroundings. Have a beach nearby? Run on it! A ladder or swing set? Climb it! Just because it’s not considered “exercise” doesn’t mean it’s not a fabulous workout. This was exhibited during our amazing, fast-paced hike in Temescal Canyon, led by Michelle Lovitt, trainer to Courtney Cox, Eve and Yvonne Strahovsky from Chuck. We didn’t run once, but our heart rates were pumping the entire time. The amazing views didn’t hurt either!
  4. Victoria Beckham is more adventurous than I thought! We couldn’t stop laughing (or sweating) during our workout with Paul Vincent and his team at the Training Adventure. We flipped on mats, climbed over walls as high as our shoulders and maneuvered the monkey bars. I could picture Tom Cruise doing this to prepare for a film role (he has), but had a harder time imagining Posh Spice completing the stunt workout! But Paul claims she comes, with family in tow, and knocks out similar workouts to the Olympians he also trains. Hardcore!

Now tell us: If you could train with any celebrity, who would you pick and why?

Testing my yoga limits.

We were treated to a workout like Jillian Michaels, thanks to Christopher Ross Lane.

  • http://dragonfly180.wordpress.com dragonfly180

    if i could train with a celebrity, i think i’d choose angelina jolie. it seems like she’d be very competitive and so am i, so i think that’d be some intense working out! we’d push each other beyond comfort. just to hang out and have fun while working out, i’d choose reese witherspoon or hayden panettiere. they both seem fun, down to earth, and fit.

  • Lindsay

    Beyonce, I wanna train with the body I envy and she has one killer bod. Curvy,feminine but strong and solid. She seems like she would be up for any tyPe of gut busting workout with a no pain;no gain attitude and I like that! :)

  • april mccumber

    I would love to train with Mathew Mccaughnhey ( how ever you spell it) cuz he knows exactly what it takes to look good!

  • Erika

    Thank you for posting this:) – actually when I started off on my weight loss efforts (of losing almost one hundred pounds … of which I am half way there currently), it kind of stumped me that Weight Watchers tells us ‘normal’ folk to do this and do that, and it’s not even half to the equation if you want to get a HARD body like a celebrity (I like going by the example of Angelina Jolie in tomb Raider, Jennifer Garner in Daredevil … and one of the most famous muscular bods of past films my favorite is Linda Hamiltons shoulders and arms in Terminator 2 (what I wouldn’t do, what I wouldn’t do …) – moral of story (making longer story short) if you want a BODY like a Celebrity, do as the Celebrity does. They don’t workout half an hour, they workout several times, when ever they can fit in the space, sometimes from 3-5 hours a day (spread out) … and to tell you about results … they’re definitely there:)! Weight Watchers is great and I’m not dissing them, but to be the upper cut (like the Stars we all adore) you gotta go the extra mile:)!

  • Margaret

    What celebrity? Jennifer Lopez. Did you see her shake it all on Idol last night?

  • Valerie

    If I could work out with any celebrity, I would choose Jillian Michaels and Britney Spears. I think that Jillian would help as far as weight loss goes, but to keep me interested I’d have to have Britney to work with. I am a dancer myself so I would love to have her support and workout regimen!!