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The Biggest Loser Finale Tonight: Trainer Brett Hoebel’s Thoughts and Your Predictions!

Written on May 24, 2011 at 4:14 pm , by

The Biggest Loser trainer Brett Hoebel sounds off on the finale!

The Biggest Loser trainer Brett Hoebel sounds off on season 11 and the finale.

As you know, we’re big fans of The Biggest Loser here at FITNESS. The inspiration for our next challenging workout, the emotional breakthroughs by the contestants and the amazing trainers. . . we love it all!

We were lucky to sit down with one of this season’s new trainers, Brett Hoebel, just days before tonight’s finale to pick his brain about his fitness routine, the current season of The Biggest Loser and who he thinks will take home the $250,000 prize.

The workouts he prefers with his bicoastal lifestyle. . . “I prefer spinning to running, but I love to run hills in Runyon Canyon. I do capoeira on Santa Monica Beach and spin at Up Dog when I’m in L.A. And in New York, I train at Arte Capoeira Center, Peak Performance and spin at Flywheel. My exercise routine must include the four components of my fitness toolbox: 1. movement (capoeira, martial arts, etc.), 2. strength, 3. intervals and 4. agility/core.”

His favorite memory from this season. . . “Seeing Justin on the mountaintop [in New Zealand] was one of the greatest moments for me. But it doesn’t stop there. Then I go to meet his family. You see that the contestants can have an impact on the world by walking their talk. The trainers help the contestants improve their health, then they help change someone else, who helps change other people. Each community is inspired by the contestant and the contestant’s family. The ripple effect of our work on the show is humbling! I tell them, ‘I saved your life, now go save another.’”

What he thinks about the remaining contestants. . . “It’s a very tough decision about Irene and Jay [the two contestants who viewers are voting on for the final spot in the top three]. We really saw Irene transform during the last few episodes. Jay was off campus for a while, but was brought back because of his work ethic. Does America want a female winner? I don’t have a preference, but am interested to see who comes out on top! All four have really hit their stride on their own at home.”

So that’s what Brett says, how about you?

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    Hi Brett: Didn’t know how to reach you by phone or by other means right now, but hope you or an agent of yours might be monitoring this site for personal messagages to you.

    Would like to talk with you by phone as soon as feasible about your dad and your siblings, and what is currently happening in Princeton. I know you have been there frequently, and that Caroline is coming back now, or soon—-as well as your dad’s decision now on hospice. It is a particularly difficult time for all, I know, and I’m anxious to get your “take” currently on your dad and on other members of the family, particularly Val. We could possibly have something to offer in connection with what is going on now, as well as what is going to come (Julie, in-particular, has had a lot of professional experience with patients and their families in connection with what you and the
    family are now going through). I am concerned too, as I suspect that you might be, with how Val will be able to weather what is coming, both in the next several weeks and then after the event. Please give me a call when you can.

    Best to you from both of us!

    Rick Steckel (Santa Barbara: (Home: 805-898-1225; cell phone 805-895-0041)

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