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Celebrate May's Most Nutritious Recipes

Try out the strawberry dressing on your salad this May. (Photo by Eating Well)

Try the fresh strawberry dressing on your favorite salad. (Photo by Eating Well)

May is the proud to host holidays such as Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day, but there are plenty of other lesser-known (but perfectly legitimate) reasons to celebrate. Did you know that May is National Salad, Hamburger and Strawberry Month? Well now you do!

To mark each of these occasions, we're rounding up our favorite recipes in each of those categories. Mix and match a few for a well-balanced meal—we've provided options for appetizers, main meals, desserts and beverages. (Note: We don't recommend that you try mixing all of these themes into one dish with a strawberry salad-topped burger, however!)

Mix up your salads. . .

Flip for these hamburgers. . .

Pick strawberries. . .

For more delicious seasonal recipes, check out "Summer Fare" in our June issue—on newsstands now!

Now tell us: What's the best homemade meal you've whipped up lately?

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