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Start Your Week Right: Music from Eminem and SoulCycle!

Written on May 16, 2011 at 9:44 am , by

Download these songs to power you through your next spin—or any workout! (Photo by Chris Fanning)

Download these songs to power you through your next spin—or any workout! (Photo by Chris Fanning)

Before you do anything else, start your week off on a high note by downloading this ridiculously awesome new playlist from my favorite crew at SoulCycle. Last week they hosted an Eminem-themed class with some of the artist’s best tunes to rock out to. I’m saddened that I missed this one (fitness fanatic Kelly Ripa even showed up!), because Mr. Eminem is my go-to guy for the songs to keep me moving up that hill during a hard run or the blast-it-all-out beat I turn to when I need to get through the last few minutes of my workout. But I have a suspicion that this Eminem-only class won’t be SoulCycle’s one and only. For now, I’m downloading these songs for my playlist this week—and beyond!

  • “My Name is Back in Black,” Eminem vs. ACDC mashup
  • W.T.P.,”  Eminem (Recovery, Deluxe Edition)
  • Cleaning Out My Closet,” Eminem (The Eminem Show)
  • Rabbit Run,” Eminem (8 Mile)
  • “Fairytale Without Me,” Eminem vs. Alexander Rybak mashup
  • ‘Till I Collapse,” Eminem & Nate Dogg (The Eminem Show)
  • Crazy In Love,” Eminem (Encore, Deluxe Edition)
  • Love the Way You Lie,” Eminem feat. Rihanna (Recovery, Deluxe Edition)
  • “Cry Me a Superman,” Eminem vs. Justin Timberlake mashup
  • Shake That (Remix),” Bobby Creekwater, Eminem, Nate Dogg & Obie Trice (Eminem Presents the Re-Up, Bonus Track Version)
  • Lose Yourself,” Eminem (Curtain Call-The Hits, Deluxe Edition)
  • Stan,” Eminem feat. Dido (The Marshall Mathers LP)

Now tell us: What artist is a mainstay on your workout playlists?

  • http://wellinla.com well in l.a.

    I like Eminem… but in doses! An entire of him for a workout seems like a little much. Variety is the spice of my workouts and my music!

  • Billie

    i would have to say 2 people come to mind… Lil Wanye and tupac!

  • Glee

    A variety of songs is always great to keep you motivated through any workout, however, I do have issue with the SoulCycle link. As a certified Johnny G. SPIN Instructor, it pains me to see other programs be so popular and be so contrary to the actual guidelines! The training I had says NEVER ride no hands, NEVER use weights on a bike, NEVER do bouncy shoulder moves, just to name a few…..(I cringe) Check it out for yourself, ride safe!

  • Trana

    I love to work out to Eminem music! http://www.eminemsongs.net