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Cool New Workout Machine: The Cybex Arc Trainer

Written on April 27, 2011 at 11:55 am , by

Say hello to the latest Biggest Loser Arc Trainer

I recently got to check out this cool new workout machine: the Biggest Loser Arc Trainer from Cybex. If you haven’t tried an Arc Trainer yet, it’s like an elliptical but with less impact on your knees (and you thought the elliptical was less impact on the knees than using the treadmill—well wait until you try this one). You’re also able to burn calories faster, with less perceived exertion, than any other cross trainer too. How so? Well on the Arc Trainer, you’re on a constant flow of movement since the way your feet and legs are moving is the same as that on an elliptical (AKA no pounding the pavement), except, there’s no bottom platform that your feet are sliding up and down on. You’re pretty much running in mid-air, while staying stationary. Pretty cool. It’s an easier way to get your heart rate up and maintain that speed for a longer time too. (Or you can achieve a higher calorie burn in less time than you would on an elliptical.) But, gym machines are like sports bras—we all have a preference to what feels most comfortable when getting our burn on. So if you haven’t tried an Arc Trainer yet, don’t be scared, hop on one the next time you’re at the gym and tell me what you think.

Have you tried this cool new machine yet? Leave a comment below with your own review!

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  • Marie

    I love the ARC Machine! I can crank out 1000 calorie burn in 70minutes :)

  • Cheryl Emery

    I LOVE this machine! I also put weights on my wrists and dance to the music! Provides full body workout and cardio while burning lots of calories!!!

  • Karina

    this is my favorite machine at the gym!!

  • Katie

    I LOVE IT! It’s a great workout and burns more calories…giving me the results I want, faster!

  • jill

    This is my favorite machine!

  • pandaranol

    I was considerably contented to wallowin this web-site.I wanted to thanks in behalf of your things in the consequence profit of this wonderful deliberation to!! I certainly enjoying every scattered stink of it and I partake of you bookmarked to into on the qui vive bushy-tailed possessions you blog post.

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  • Kelly

    I looooove this machine! Theyve had them at my gym for a few years now & i just started using them regularly. I was always using the treadmill but it seriously wears me out like crazy doing 4 miles every day. Although it takes longer to reach the 4 miles on the Arc, im nowhere near as worn out, and i burn a lot more calories! Im not as worn out, and the low impact does wonders for me. It almost seemed like a glitch in the machine with calories burned (which is why i never used it a lot before.) However, after doing some research, it turns out its not a glitch and that the calorie count is fairly accurate. I love this machine and now i dont dread going to the gym anymore :)