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April DVD Review: Ultimate Cardio Body

Written on April 19, 2011 at 2:08 pm , by

"Are you ready to sweat?" (Image from MyTrainerBob.com)

Are you ready to sweat? (Image from MyTrainerBobDVD.com)

April’s Top Workout DVD: Bob Harper’s Ultimate Cardio Body

Best for: No-nonsense exercisers seeking a challenge; those looking for an at-home routine that will burn major calories.

Why it’s a star: You’ll alternate kettlebell-inspired moves (don’t worry, a pair of dumbbells is all that’s required), traditional yet effective cardio like high knees and mountain climbers and plyometrics (think jumping lunges and squats holding weights). All of these high-energy moves will have your quads shaking and heart pumping! And since it’s a combination of cardiovascular and strength work, you’ll torch plenty of calories during and after the workout.

Where to get it: mytrainerbobdvd.com, $14.98

Bonus DVD! We also recently tried out Bob Harper’s Kettlebell Cardio Shred and loved that too. The smart, contoured design of the bell makes “racking” moves much less painful. Read more about it on page 80 of our new May issue, on newsstands today!

Now tell us: What is the best fitness DVD you’ve ever done?

  • http://fitnessmagazine Monica Madden Cox

    Physique 57 advanced dvds.

    I love this workout! Unlike all others, I don’t plateau. I still “feel intense burn” without all the jumping around, unlike running. I have tried many different workouts, but with this one I have never been stronger.

  • http://www.personal-trainer-atlanta.com Christina

    I love dvds! They give you a nice break from the same old gym cardio routine. I’ll have to check this one out.