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The Latest Face of Fitness Winners!

Written on March 18, 2011 at 2:46 pm , by

Our Face of Fitness Cover Contest is nearly half-way through, and we wanted to share with you the weekly winners of Week #3 and Week #4. Congrats to everyone so far!

Face of Fitness Week #3 Winner

Face of Fitness Week #3 Winner

Week #3 Winner: Lydia Ambrose

A few years ago, Lydia had dropped down to just 92 pounds and was very ill. The culprit? Lupus. “It was difficult for me to walk or stand, and for almost 2 years my husband would basically carry me from bed to couch,” Lydia wrote. But then one day, she won a free gym membership. So she started walking on the treadmill, slowly…and eventually got to the point where one of the personal trainers gave her some encouragement about working for the gym. She applied, and has been one of the gym rats for the past two years…and is even thinking about entering fitness competitions now!

FITNESS says: Amazing! Way to bounce back!

What Lydia says about winning Week 3: “I’m so excited to be part of the winner’s circle and to get to the next phase!”

Face of Fitness Week #4 Winner

Face of Fitness Week #4 Winner

Week #4 Winner: Amanda Smith

Amanda’s background is one that a lot of twenty-something women can relate to: She wrote about how she didn’t really know how to eat properly and spent years judging her body’s flaws. But the change came for her when a college friend–and now boyfriend–taught her how to love herself and her body! And because they have such a fit lifestyle, Amanda’s never been in better shape. “Our relationship does not revolve around calorie-laden meals, but on getting active,” she wrote. “We hit the gym together when we can and try to include some physical activity in our dates…I have my moments of weaknesses still, but I know I’m finally on the right track.”

FITNESS says: Awesome! But even though the bf inspired her, we bet she’ll be her own inspiration for years to come!

What Amanda says about winning Week 4: “Wow! So exciting! Thank you, FITNESS!”

Congrats, Lydia and Amanda!

So, who will win Week 5? Don’t forget to vote for your favorite before Monday!

And most importantly, make sure to submit your photo and story to our Face of Fitness Cover Contest! Five finalists will be flown to NYC for photo shoots, with one Grand Prize Winner scoring the cover of an upcoming FITNESS issue—and a 5-night vacation for two to an amazing Hawaiian resort!

PLUS: Some Face of Fitness entrants were even recently featured on Better TV! Check it out here!

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  • Kyleigh Jones

    I am #10 in current week “TWIN MOMMY.” My votes have been going on #26. All of my friends and family are on there who voted for me, so those are votes that I have not had credit for yet. Is there anything that can be done?

  • Cindie Dillinger

    I have been voting all week for #10 twin mommy and I seen my name listed on Tulane’s picture. I know this is wrong because I have not even been on this girls picture!! This makes me very upset that we have been taking the time to help a friend and then to find out our votes are going somewhere else. This is not right and I hope you will take this seriously and fix this problem. Thanks!

  • Judy samuels Jones

    Ihvebeen voting for TWIM MOMMY all week and so have many of my friends….Our names are being posted on TULANE…Don’t even know her but just curious of how votes were going and flippedthrough everyone and see that she is receiving creditforour votes…
    I also checked a couple of hours ago and the total votes is the same right now…AND Iknow that different names have been posted that they are voting but the number of votes is not going up…. She is a very deserving person and her friends have worked so hard helping and getting friends to LIKE Fitness Magazine and we are feeling very disappointed with evidently glitches in the system.. Thank you for your time to listen.

  • kimberly wooten

    i have been trying to vote for twinmommy from my phone no computer and it tells me to answer the question so i can vote and there is no question and it wont let me vote.

  • judy samuels

    I have had friends all day voting for TWIN MOMMY and they are not showing up….this is very disappointing for the poeple who have been so sweet to vote…I hope that you will check out this confusing situation…