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Work Out Like a Lacrosse Player — Indoors!

Written on March 8, 2011 at 11:24 am , by

Written by Nicole Brennan, editorial intern

For most people, spring means sunshine, flowers, light jackets, pedicures and flip-flops. For me, a senior at Fordham University, spring means lacrosse!  Unfortunately, “spring” in our world starts in February — yikes!  With no gym space and our first game well behind us, we have been forced to bundle up, face the brutal winds and get in the best shape we can in these chilly conditions. To make matters even more interesting, we hold practice at 8 p.m. — when any hope of warmth from the sun has long faded.

Nicole (far left) & her co-captains after a rough game last Fall!

Like many of you, we have tried our best to fight off the cold and pretend that spring is in fact right around the corner. Who are we kidding? After the past few days, practicing in the cold has left our team with two girls with sprained ankles, one pulled hamstring and two severely cracked sticks. (Please, spring, hurry up! We cannot afford any more casualties or any new equipment!)

You may be wondering: why even bother? Well, to me, there is no better workout then an intense game of lacrosse—and it’s fun, too! Not a laxer, but want to get the benefits of having played this sport for years? Check out this lacrosse-inspired workout — it recreates post-game muscle fatigue and strength, and targets some of those hard-to-get muscles you don’t even realize you’re using during a game.

What you’ll need: A weighted body bar

1.)   Lower body: Lunge with an extended arm body bar (circle lineup)

2.)  Lower body: Sumo squats with body bar (defensive stance)

3.)   Abs: Standing oblique twist with body bar (sprint with cradle)

4.)   Lower back: Hip bend with bar  (ground ball)

5.)   Arms: Body Bar Curl (motion from ground ball into full cradle)

6.)   Cardio: Star jump with body bar (for those really high passes!)

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