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Fashion Highlights Heart Health

Written on February 10, 2011 at 4:46 pm , by

Photo courtesy of The Heart Truth

When you think February, what comes to mind? Chocolates, flowers and candy hearts, right? While our  romantic sides always seem to make an appearance right around Valentine’s Day (willingly or unwillingly!), there is something else that should be on every woman’s mind: heart health.

Julianne Hough: Photo courtesy of The Heart Truth and Swarovski

If you didn’t already know, February is American Heart month, and the Heart Truth is a national awareness campaign that educates women about heart disease. They have made the LRD (little red dress!) their icon, which has become a national symbol for women’s heart health. They even designated February 4th as National Wear Red Day. (Follow us on Twitter for fun facts like that!) If you ever needed an excuse to wear that sexy red dress hiding in the back of your closet, what better reason then to support heart health?!

But the red dress doesn’t stop there. Every February, New York Fashion Week is kicked off by the Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection, a super-fun and star-studded fashion show. Celebs strut the runway wearing scarlet-colored frocks created by high-profile designers. Then add in some of your favorite brands (like Swarovski, Diet Coke, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, and AOL Inc) and it becomes a red hot event!

From singing legend Patti LaBelle to reality TV star Audrina Patridge , everyone looked amazing, all the while supporting an great cause. My personal favorite was Dancing With the Stars professional dancer, Julianne Hough. Her sleek physique and admirable confidence made her a rockstar on the runway. And those Swarovski jewels…who could resist the sparkly things in life?!

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