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Holy Coldness, Batman!

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Andrew Dallos

How do you say 5 degrees and -8 degrees windchill? If you're a runner trying to get some miles in before work, you might say it like this:  Icebreaker 280 tights, Asics storm shelter pants, Craft Zero long sleeve base layer, Nike fleece, Asics gloves, Brooks mittens over gloves, brooks skull cap. I won't say it was the most comfortable run ever, but I will say proper layering makes all the difference. Funny story: There's a guy who runs in Central Park in a black thong leotard. If you're a park regular, you know the guy. He's kind of hard to miss. Saw him this morning in, yes, his thong leotard and nothing else. And all I could think was, "That man could use a lesson or two in layering." Brrr! I wish I could show you a picture...but even if I had one, I wouldn't have his permission to post it! When it's frigid and freezing out, do you keep your workout inside? And ever see anyone as crazy as the leotard guy? MORE FROM FITNESS: Is Running in the Cold Dangerous?