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Side Braid

Fresh Hair: Loose Side Braid

Written on April 12, 2011 at 12:03 pm , by

Sixty-five percent of women want their hair to look good when they go to the gym, according to Pantene. In our April Fresh Hair feature, we highlighted three flattering, speedy hairstyles that keep strands in place while you sweat. Third in our series: A loose side braid, best for long hair:

A Twist on a Classic

Written on September 7, 2010 at 9:12 am , by

156724001French braids aren’t just for summer camp anymore.

I love the look of French braids, but sometimes I want a style that’s a little more relaxed. When I was pulling my hair up into a braid today, I decided to try something new. Rather than start near the front of my head, I parted my hair to the side and combed out a two-inch section from the middle of my part. I began to braid, adding small pieces from the front and back of my part. I weaved the pieces under each other (rather than over) to achieve the inside-out effect. Once I reached my neck, I gathered all my hair together to form a regular braid. It still had the loose, relaxed feel I was aiming for with a little extra flair. And the French braid helped keep fly-aways out of my face during my workout. It’s my new go-to! Would you wear it?

– Catherine Q. O’Neill, beauty intern