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Favorite Find Friday: Sonia Kashuk Completely Organized Makeup Bag

Written on November 15, 2013 at 9:00 am , by

This is the time of year when my schedule gets crazy hectic (I’m sure you agree). I just returned from a whirlwind trip to Berlin, Germany (traveling’s fun but stressful) and with the holidays right around the corner, deadlines get tighter, the calendar fills up and getting ready on the run is not out of the ordinary. Half of the battle is just being organized and for makeup junkies like us, that can be tough. But I found a little lifesaver amidst the chaos: Sonia Kashuk Completely Organized Makeup Bag ($15, target.com). It comes in three different sizes (grande, classic and petite) and looks like a chic makeup bag on the outside, but it’s like having a personal organizer on the inside. The multiple-sized compartments neatly hold all of your essentials—from your cell phone and keys to makeup brushes and eyeliners. This pouch can be tossed and turned yet it still keeps everything in place. Plus, it’s made of a stain-resistant material so when one of my favorite lipsticks broke in it this morning (wah!), I just wiped it down with a damp cloth and it was as good as new. A definite must-have for any girl on-the-go.

Peek Inside a Beauty Editor’s Bathroom!

Written on August 8, 2011 at 12:54 pm , by

At a meeting last week, a few FITNESS editors got into a conversation about how they organize their beauty stash at home. Here’s a peek at how I store the plethora of beauty products in my bathroom (please excuse my sub-par cell phone photography skills!). When apartment-hunting last year, one of the reasons I loved the place we ended up renting was because of this cabinet of shelves in the bathroom—I knew it would make the perfect home for my beauty arsenal! As you can see, I use a mix of bowls and baskets that I’ve collected to house specific categories of products. Here’s the layout, starting at the bottom, moving from left to right: Nail polishes, makeup; second shelf: daily face products, fragrance, and face treatments; third shelf: hair products, miscellaneous; fourth shelf: bath and my boyfriend’s grooming stash.


Tell us: How do you store your beauty products?