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February 2011

YOUR Beauty Tips—Revealed!

Written on February 3, 2011 at 9:44 am , by


Our “Bright Ideas” feature in the February issue highlights beauty tips readers (maybe you!) shared on this blog, our Facebook fan page, message board and Twitter. Here, a few gems that didn’t make it into the magazine:

Free style.“Work with your natural hair texture; just polish it up with a curl cream or a little smoothing oil before you air or blow dry.” —Tricia Kibler

Remove wisely. “To avoid eye wrinkles without a big expense attached, use baby oil to remove eye makeup.” —Renee Prusak-Blake

De-puff fast. “Hide puffy eyes by using concealer under the eye and on the eyelid. Then I use a light dusting of translucent powder to set it before I put on my eye shadow.” —Tara Reed Hovis

Brighten your base. “Even with a lack of sleep, a light purple base under regular foundation makes the face look radiant and glowing.”—En Jay

Move smoothly. “I find Nivea Crème to be fantastic in the winter months. The texture is rather thick, but it’s light on the skin and protects against gusts of wind when running. It also works great as a hand cream.” —Rachel Reape

Boost your cleanse. “Whenever my skin is feeling dry or dull, I mix sugar with a tablespoon of olive oil and my regular face wash, then wash my face. I do this just about every other day; nothing I’ve used has worked better than this on my skin.” —Christina

Sprinkle salts. “I have been a long term user and lover of Dead Sea bath salt. It’s great for dry skin, cellulite, acne, psoriasis, arthritis, and it also improves your circulation and detoxifies your body. With such great anti-aging and healing qualities, how can you go wrong?” —Stacy Ann Rosen