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The Wonders of Wine

Written on June 6, 2011 at 8:00 am , by

We love a glass of red at the end of the day just as much as the next gal, so we’re excited to share these wine-related beauty tidbits from Jody Levine, M.D., dermatologist for Tone in New York City (their Vino Moisture Crushed Grape Shea Butter Body Wash contains potent grape extracts) and Carolyn Wente, CEO of Wente Vineyards:

  • Wine has high antioxidant levels due to the polyphenols that naturally occur in grapes, so it can protect your body and skin from damaging free radicals.
  • Vinotherapy treatments, like those offered both at home and in-spa by Caudalie, are a growing trend in skincare and provide anti-aging benefits.
  • The pulp found in the residue from wine-making is great for gently exfoliating the skin and soothing without irritation.
  • A glass of wine can temporarily cause blood vessels in the face to dilate, giving your skin a glowy flush. Don’t overindulge, though—too much alcohol can cause inflammation.

Keep your eye out for another surprising skincare-related use for grapes in our October issue, on stands in September!

Recover from a Half-Marathon

Written on April 4, 2011 at 1:40 pm , by

Yesterday was FITNESS magazine’s annual half-marathon, so I know that the 8,000 women who participated are probably pretty sore today. I had a BLAST running the race. It was so uplifting, motivating and encouraging to see all of these women cheering for each other and genuinely wanting each other to succeed. Here are some stretching exercises to aid your recovery from Mathilde Thomas, founder of Caudalie and the Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa at The Plaza:


  • Standing, holding the left ankle with the left hand, pull backwards to feel the stretch, switch foot.
  • Lying on your back, bring one knee to your chest.  Hold for 30 seconds.  Do the same with the opposite leg.  Then bring both knees to your chest and hold for 30 seconds.
  • Lying on your back with one leg on the floor; the other leg is bent, place a rope (or towel) on the ball of the foot, hold the rope and straighten to stretch.


  • Facing the wall at arms distance, place one foot close to the wall and bend that knee and arms to stretch opposite calve. Switch legs.
  • Place ball of foot on the edge of stairs, lower one heel, then switch.
  • Sit with both legs straight. Loop a rope around the ball of one foot and pull each end of the rope. Flex your feet.

Lower Back:

  • Bend as if you are going to touch your toes and hang. At each exhale lower your hands.  Slowly roll back up one vertebra at a time.